Wednesday, February 2, 2011

May We All Find Our Sexy!

There is something to be said for being comfortable  in ones own skin.
I believe I am.
Skinny has never been important to me.
Healthy on the other hand has.
I believe woman of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, gorgeous.
Confidence is the most intriguing thing  a person can have.
We have to love ourselves as we are and that is when we can work on changing
the baggage we carry around with us.
Sure if I get smaller and feel sexier that will be a bonus,
but if I can get healthier and walk to the end of the block without being out of breath
that is what will keep me working on my goal, 
it is my health, right now if someone thinks I don't look good,
well they don't have to look at me.
I may not be every idea of what a woman should look like,
but this is me, we all have different reasons for changing lifestyles,
I think the majority is to feel healthier.
That was my feeling once I became ill with Cataplexy.
Today I saw the Surgeon and it will be a wait
but my hernia will be fixed along with other stomach complications.
that on another post to follow..
So take a good look and be real.
It is not an easy road,
it is the hardest job we will probably ever accomplish,
we deserve to live the lives we want,
so I am holding my bottle of water high,
and saying their is a Diva in all of us..
You may want to check out the drawings by Dwayne Breyer 
of Hilda.
I think she is the sexiest of all times.
I love her too..
Lastly I have a girlfriend
whom has been working on losing the last ten pounds,
it used to drive me crazy,
I would think it is only ten pounds.
To her that ten pounds is as important to her
as my excess weight.
She tries so hard, so we all have our own demons.
May we all have a wonderful day
and no matter what belief in yourself.
I know I can do anything as long as I get a good night rest..
It takes 3 weeks to make something a habit.
It is a new month and a new day.


  1. What a great post Cinner. I used to be very skinny before I had children. After that the weight just kept coming and coming. But the truth is that I wouldn't Want to be that skinny again (95 lbs.). It wasn't attractive at all. I believe the same as you, health is more important. And I think that you are doing a great job working on that!!!
    Love Di ♥

  2. You are so right! Health over skinny any day!

  3. First of all, I love that picture. I so agree with you. I'm lucky, I feel sexy...just not comfortable. The women I admire the most are confident and dress well. Your post today was so awesome, Cinner. It made me feel good...and smile.

  4. You are so right, Cinner. Got to embrace our sexiness and being Healthy. Hey, I love the new look of the blog, too.
    Swim with The Dolphins is a dream of mine, too.

  5. Rock on with your good self.....fabulous post. I love the 'tude. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  6. Healthy is paramount. Sexy is icing (low card & fat free of course) on the healthy cake. Yes we all need to take a good look and be real with ourselves.

  7. what an awesoome post....what you said...being comfortable in one's's taken me a long time to come home to be in my body and feel like I belong to it. Thanks Cindy...for your incredible journey that inspires mine.

  8. HI CINNER "hey"

    You are so right - I believe in healthy and I so believe in sexy. I feel very alive sexually and I manage the healthy as best I can given the challenges. You are such an inspiration to me - and a sensual-beautiful-vibrant-powereful woman!!
    Love to you always

  9. I was always very skinny...98 - 105 was my adult weight even after kids. and then I ended up with osteoporosis. so I put on 20 pounds and like it so much better. you are right. self acceptance and confidence is what makes people attractive.

  10. Sexy is right!
    Love that.
    Lots of people I cared about were
    not "skinny" at all. Including me!
    Sleep is good!

  11. And I believe for you and for me!!!
    Stay focused...!!!
    Hugging you

  12. My husband still says I am sexy...and sexy is not about how we look. I agree with you...healthy not skinny. Still working on my water amount. :)

  13. You've got the right attitude. That's something I plan on talking about in my blog soon, that there's beauty in all sizes. I love seeing others that agree with me! We all have our issues with our looks, we have to realize we are all beautiful.


    I love this post, too. You know, I am very heavy and I have a few friends who can't understand why I'm ok with it. How I can be so comfortable just as I am. Funny....

    Maybe some day they'll be comfortable enough in their own skin that they finally understand.

  15. i would love to feel sexy when i pile the pounds on but i never do i always yearn to be thinner. i know i should l love me for what's inside as much as what is out on show but i really struggle with that. i have put on about 25 kg in 2 years and i hate it i hate how i look so i long to hav you confidence and be happy in my skin right now good for you


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