Monday, January 31, 2011

One layer at a time.

Guess what I am doing for fun?
watching the grader go up and down the street
finally removing some of the snow that has built up in January.
As I watch them I am thinking if they would do this daily or weekly
it would not be so hard for them now.
Oh maintenance what a wonderful thing,
Our bodies are the same way,
they can only take so much,
I hear the graders screeching and groaning,
going forward, then backwards, taking another run at it,
taking layer and layers off the street,
maybe getting down to the bottom of things,
Someone said yesterday,
it's not about what you eat,
it's about whats eating you..
I think there is wisdom in those words.
Maybe I need a grader to figure out some of the layers.
It's all in my hands,
and that can be a powerful thing.
I am the driver,
so here I go.


  1. Wonderful words of wisdom Cinner! I hope they get rid of your snowy streets! Love Di ♥

  2. Oh how I have missed you....hopefully I will be able to catch up with my favorite blogs soon, I am so far behind.
    Love the look of your blog cinner, it is so pretty.
    Hope you are doing well, think of you often.
    Sending big hugs....:-)

  3. Hi love -
    the someone who said those words is very wise :-0) and ya, the truth is in the layers - you have peeled them back and then re-secured them many times - lets stay un-layered together, ok? I love you girl "hey"

  4. That's why i basically can't live in Canada.
    Not a snow person.
    I could probably learn to like it,
    If I stayed inside all the time.
    But hey....
    Cinner, Cinner, Cinner!
    You are indeed the driver!
    Good post!

  5. Interesting way to put it, Cinner. That poor grader will have a lot of scraping to do over here. If only I had kept the maintenance up. I'll think of that this week. I really enjoyed your post.

  6. Good thoughts!! Sometimes I need a front end loader!!! Ha!! To get it all at once and dump it!! Keeping the maintain up is a good thing to remember! Just do a little each day and it adds up to good things for you and for your body!! Woot!!

  7. Hi Cinner! I've been surfing blogs and found you. Your blog stood out for me, we both have about the same amount of weight to lose. However, I had never heard of cataplexy before. I really admire your courage and hard work in living with your condition and losing weight! Maybe we can support each other! My blog is at I'm just getting started!
    Best of luck! Maria

  8. Hi Cinner - I'm just starting out too and I stumbled upon your blog and its very attractive and very different.
    I will follow along and enjoy your blog - and Maria too

  9. Your blog looks so pretty and welcoming!


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