Sunday, May 25, 2014

I Am Alive!

Hello to all
I just about fell over when I saw that it has been
over a year since my last post. 
I am glad to say that I could change the name of my blog
to Me My Three Chins and I.
This has happened due to me having Bowel Surgery.
I am glad to report that I have completely recovered
. So I am looking forward to only good days ahead and being able to reconnect
with everyone. So until next time

Friday, April 12, 2013

Good Results, Sigh of Relief

So today I had gone to my Doctor's just to get some results from 
my physical last week. My husband also got his.
I was thrilled with the news that everything is
going quite well for me, 
no high blood pressure,
no high cholesterol,
no diabetes.
(I can not tell you how relieved I was)
My husband also had good news.
He still has to go for some tests
due to his smoking.
All in all we are both committing to a healthy
lifestyle, being more active.
I told him that my Severe Cataplexy
is not going to define who I am.
I am learning to live with it,
and learning how to control it somewhat.
Just so relieved that there was nothing
else I had to add to my health issues.
my one foot has been numb and I was sure it was Diabetes
because it runs so rampant in my family,
but the doctor thinks it is a pinched nerve....
So I am having a bit of trouble walking,
hoping it will loosen up soon.
Hope you are all feeling well
and wishing you a great weekend.

Monday, April 8, 2013

I am signing my name on the X, making myself a promise.

Hello Everyone, 
It seems I have been gone so long.
I was able to do a bit of visiting
with family this Spring,
and it seemed to get me out of the slump
I was in after I lost my dog Kula 
last winter.
Hubby just had a week off and we
spent it at home doing some painting,
getting our yearly physicals done,
which has brought me back to my blog.
My 50th birthday is approaching this fall
and well my health is starting to scare me.
Year after year the weight continues to climb
for no other reason than I am not constant
in my battle, So once again I say the words in my mind.
Cindy Get Up off your Butt
and get moving and Get
Living the Life that I want to.
I want to be able to walk without feeling exhausted,
I want to roll over in bed without it feeling like a workout.
I want better circulation and I don't want the huffing and puffing
as I walk up the stairs.
So once again I make a committment to myself.
I am going and looking forward,
I will make progress every day because I am worth it.
I am happy and have a great and loving man in my life.
I do know that with my illness I have to work extra hard
to get me back into shape.
I believe I am beautiful, I dress and care for myself,
My goal is healthy and to do this,
something I have wanted most of my life.
I hope you come along for the ride,
Moving forward, changing my lifestyle,
Realizing my worth!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yes it is a lot of Snow!

Hi I can't believe how long it has been since I last did a post.
I do have to report that for the last month I have
been hibernating inside. The weather has finally broke today,
and I feel like a bear that has been hibernating for 
a long time. 
The last quarter of the year found me in bad health.
I had to put my dog down due to his age and
that was very sad for us.
He was like a service dog to me,
so I really miss him.
We may get a new dog in the Spring.
So as this year winds down, I can take
what I have learned and apply it 
to 2013.
I am not discussing my failure of not losing any weight,
but looking at other situations that I have overcome.
I have learned a lot and am emotionally
much stronger.
Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season
and all the best in 
Until next time,

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hi Everyone, I am back and anxious to visit
all your blogs and catch up on how you have been doing.
I am embarrassed to say that I fell right off the wagon.
About a month ago I was back at my Doctors for a check up,
and I said I am just so tired as if everything is an effort.
He asked if I had gained any weight.
I said no I don't think so.
I had not been on the scale since my Weight Wise class finished
the end of March..
Long story short, I am at my heaviest right now.
I am tired of feeling this way, of being out of breath,
of becoming more and more docile in the past few months.
I worried about coming back on here,
as if I would be judged or perceived as a failure,
but I know for me I need to do this.
Two days ago I started drinking more water again.
The goal is 8 glasses a day.
I also have started walking on my treadmill.
I was only able to do 2.5 minutes, but it is a start.
My first goal is to be able to walk to the park
which is two long city blocks.
If I can do that then I can get out of my house again.
And then make it three blocks to our local coffee shop,
so I don't feel so isolated in the house.
On my hubbies days off we go out,
but because of my Cataplexy I have been limited
as to what I can do...
But that is going to be at any size and I can not use it as
an Excuse to not work my hardest at what I want most.
I know I am worth it to be my best,
and to feel healthy,
and to be more active.
And so it begins!
Thanks for reading,