I started this blog as I thought it might help me to keep on the straight and narrow so to speak. Since I found out I had Cataplexy with a variant of Narcolpsy, along with Sleep Apnea. I have gained quite a bit of weight over a seven year period. I have huge physical limitations because of this. So I am not on a diet, I am on a livestyle change. My goal is to have more energy, to be able to walk farther, to not be so out of breath. I have to keep on a schedule with my illness and I have two to three naps per day, most approximately 2 hours long. This makes my life able to function without being so overtired that there is one spell after another.

Heaviest Weight
279  on April 10. 2010           Reason drinking more water, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables,
                                               physical acitivity has been limited, and have actually had to use a wheelchair
                                               a couple of times. Quite dependent on my cane,,,I have noticed a big change
                                               since Spring has arrived and the sun is shining. It really helps with my mood.
                                                April 13th , doctor appointment checking on progress. and Cataplexy
Phase 2...Admitted that I am an Emotional Eater and that I no longer can let the food control me. I find this is a very tricky part and do not even recognize some of the self sabotage. This is an every day learning process, Jan. 23, 2012