Sunday, October 3, 2010

When Not so Good turns Into Wondeful.

First of all I so appreciate all the wonderful comments I recieved,
I read them all, this weekend was so busy,
and odd that I did not get a chance to return any comments.
Just know you all have helped me immensely,
I had a great few days, I had one oops on Friday evening,
I think it was because I had not eaten enough .
so I increased things on Saturday,
There are two things I hate to do,
clothes shopping and shoe shopping,
but hubby and I managed to get good shoes with proper arches,
and I got a couple blouses for a wedding in January.
One is 4 sizes smaller,
once we got back home,
I needed a nap, very important I stay on a shedule with my Cataplexy,
and Hubby took off. He went looking for a treadmill for me.
This is how serious I am about this.
He came home, he could not find anything under 829.00, 
so We both thought that was it for that idea.
In the middle of the night I got on Kijiji,
and  to make a  long story short,
I have the best treadmill I have imagined having,
and drumroll please,
one hundred dollars.
Can you believe it, talk about luck.
It was out in the fancy area of town,
what a house, what a nice lady, and what lovely neighbors they had.
they had just moved in and had not met any of their neighbors yet,
and a man with two boys came over and helped my hubby.
They were so nice,
When we got back home here
Two of our neighbors,
helped hubby get it into the house and all setup.
Whoooo Hooooo, makes me extremely happy.
Have you ever had jello legs,
I can say I have,
and that is exciting.
Hubby was even walking on it tonight.
so maybe he will get in on this too,
healthier lifestyles.
Will go for now, I have a Doctors appointment in the am
so off to sleep.
Lrt's Have Our Best Days Ever!


  1. Very cool about your new walking tool. You are really inspiring you know, Miss Cinner ! Have a great MOnday !

  2. Cinner, I already loved the title of your post! I love happy endings :-)) I'm so happy that you got your treadmill and for such a great price. And how lovely were your neighbours to help!! That just warms my heart to hear that! Glad for the shoes, I too dislike so much to go for shopping - too crowed, too expansive and nothing fits ... lol :-) Wonderful that your husband does the treadmill too. You do great Cinner!!! have a wonderful day dear one, big birdie hugs!!

  3. I love that site, I have not bought or sold on it but I read it a lot and see the good buys. The treadmill will be so healthy and to have your husband join you - it is just all good news and I am so happy for you......:-) Hugs

  4. Cinner......I am so thrilled for you. I really feel like once we accept ourselves for who we are....that the cards start falling into place and we can do what we choose instead of letting life choose for us. You are so on the right track and congrats on the super duper find. I love finding deals like is always such a good feeling to save $$$$$$$.
    More success and have a great week, The Olde Bagg

  5. Yay, Cinner!! You had a great weekend! Let me know how the treadmill works out for you. I'm going to keep my eyes open for yard sales now. LOL With winter approaching, I just resigned myself to walk in a mall somewhere, but how much more convenient to have a treadmill at home. I just didn't want to pay $600+ for one ...

  6. I never head of this website before but I'll be checking it out. What a GREAT price you got on the treadmill. Way to go.

    I hope you enjoy the treadmill. Start slow and get used to it. I watch tv when I'm on my treadmill (turned up really loud so I can hear it-- I'm sure the neighbors love it :-) to keep me going-- or movies with really good soundtracks.

    ENJOY! xo jj

  7. Joanna, I was on it twice yesterday, I love it, I get out of breath pretty quick, but it will come. If they have that site down there, you have to check it out. they even give away free things...some of which are very nice. I have only bought the treadmill, my sister swears by it.
    I watched my soap opera today while I used mine. take care, have a great week.

  8. Ann, I really enjoy that it is right in my living room. I love it, used it twice yesterday while I watched my soap....garage sales in the spring, mine has a 400 pound capacity. this was a real find. I have not gotten on the scale,although I thought today my face looked smaller. keep doing well, by to visit you soon.

  9. Linda, thanks I believe I have been making the right choice, something has clicked for sure, a lightbulb has lit up... It is so good having it here and I don't mind it in my living room. I hope you are well, and that your days are filled with some peace for you. hugs.

  10. Bernie, can you believe the deal. if you need anything that is the place to look. after saving 2200 I could be a walking advertisement for it.
    Did you enjoy Friday and Saturday, was cold this am with the rain, but it sure was nice to have the hot days. Hope you and Fallon are having fun. hugs.

  11. Birdie, I too love a happy ending, and I was very happy using it, when we got home from buying it, the lady we bought it from emailed to say she found the manual. she wanted my address so she could put that in the mail. I told my neighbors when they helped get it in here That in six months I would be walking by their homes and they would not know whom the goodlooking babe was. we all had a good chuckle. have a great day Birdie, Cinner hugs being sent to you

  12. Kim, thanks, that is so nice to hear, somedays I get it right, makes up for the others. Hope you are well, I am coming for a visit today. hugs.

  13. The threadmill will be so good for this winter, Cinner! I have one that gets used at that time!

  14. Great news all over the place for you, Miss Cinner!
    Wanna race? ;)
    Not just yet.

  15. Following your posts has started inspiring me to lose some of this unhealthy weight I am carrying around.Walk on!!!

  16. Hi Cinner, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Isooo appreciate it. I am so inspired by your blog. Ihave some lbs to lose and your blog may help inspire me. Work is so stressful that i am overeating when i get home. That is a problem for sure!
    I checked out your art blog no pictures yet? Are you posting soon, can't wait. (love the pics of the doors, so cool)

  17. Hi Cathy, so excited to have you visit. I am glad you feel inspired...when I come to yours I want to pick up my paints. I have to admit I just recently have really stepped up to the plate with this. So glad to have you come along for the ride or the I worked in management for 25 years, some jobs more stressful than others...the best advice I can give you is to leave work at the door when you enter your home....I know that is hard to day I became ill, soon after had a couple of TIA'S(So they thought at the time)It turns out to be severe Cataplexy...the thing is
    one day we all have a moment and I learned to let the stress go. I now live for today...every day is that way. I try to be awake as many hours as I can. to always take time for me even if it is just ten minutes...worry is like a rocking chair, you can do it for hours, but you get nowhere. the great thing is you know where your stress is coming from. I had to reinvent myself when I stopped working, I did not know whom I was without my job.....It took awhile for me to adjust....sorry I am going on and on...If I can help at all, I will be here, hopefully we can all do this together. Heres to improving our health....that was with a raised bottle of water. Cheers. Good luck. Pretend each day is your very best, soon it will be...I really believe that. take care.

  18. Dee, I am so excited to know you are feeling inspired. so many of the blogs I follow have inspired me to keep going, get honest, so supportive, that is what I love the best....I woke up last night in the middle of the night and I thought maybe I should go on the treadmill, but my sore muscles reminded me to take it that is a first for me. Are you walking Dee? I will support you all the way.
    I hope you have a terrific day tomorrow, you are first remember that...take care, hugs.

  19. Anne, do I want to race, ha, in a year. Went for lunch with my elderly friend whom is 83. She had her cane. I had mine. We parked a block away from the bistro..we both made it, she says I let her win....a week ago I could not walk more than two steps with my back. so I am thrilled with my progress, did 8 minutes yesterday and today on the treadmill...Where did the muscles in my ass suddenly come thanks Anne for all the motivation I get from you. Hugs.

  20. Wanda, yes when we can not get outside in all that snow we get...I feel like I am on a mission now to walk, walk, walk. whatever motivates me. Wanda I Love all your heart rocks. I find I am looking for hearts all the time now...hugs to you. thanks for visiting.

  21. Wanda, yes it will be able to keep me going. I am thrilled I found the treadmill,,,can you tell. lol. You know you inpired me with your blog, all the love and heart shaped rocks, etc. makes me want to explore like I used to. thank you. Thanks for commenting. hugs.


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