Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things are Looking Very Bright

Good morning,
it is 420 am,
actually still dark,
but I  know it is going to be a bright sunny day.
Yesterday was gorgeous and I spent some time in my yard working on my flower beds,
I walked the dog, I walked on the spot during commercials while watching my one soap opera.
The commercials seemed really, but I managed, that was a great feeling.
I tried my stair stepper but could not because of that pinched nerve still giving me a bit of trouble,
Breakfast, one blueberry bran muffin
one coffee with milk and one sugar,
going to work on cutting that out,all in due time.
Lunch, salad with chicken breast cut up
One tbsp of orange mandarin dressing,
Snack at 315, yogurt with almonds (12)
Dinner, small piece of chicken lasagna and coleslaw.
so I think I did very well, am a little hungry now, probably why I am awake,
so I have my water bottle sitting here,
figure I will drink one before breakfast.
Thank you to everyone whom commented yesterday,
I really was overwhelmed by your encouragement,
I responded to all the comments,
I found you all really kept me focused.
I see so much of me in some of your stories.
so thank you again for your kindness and support
and reaching out to help someone,
What a great support system we have and are very lucky.
I watched part of Dr. Oz last night,
this is one of his recommendations,
for one week try to eat using chop sticks,
He said that most people eat slower when they are using them,
and it tricks your body into thinking it is full faster,
I think I have some around here so wish me luck with that! lol.
Fall is everywhere you happen to look,
the river valley is just simply beautiful,
we have other areas where we get the most beautiful red colors,
I  am going to try and get out on the weekend.
Yesterday the wind blew swirling leaves,
blowing them off the trees,
I watched them falling like raindrops,
thousands of them to the ground.
I hope you have Your Very Best Day Ever!


  1. Cinner, I'm so happy that you are managing so well with the food!!! The stepper will come, take it easy though ... Yes, chopsticks can trick you, I use to do that as well, in deed, we eat slower (watch out not to get it out of control and fall into severe anorexia as I did - sigh and lol at the same time). Ayurveda suggest we should satisfy all 5 of our taste at the same meal. They say that if we don't that's why we do crave after ... maybe something about it ... Thank you so much for the reply to my comment and for the email link!, I'm so happy and I'll write soon :-) Have a happy and the best day ever as well dear Cinner! big hugs!!

  2. It takes time - so don't be in too big of rush, eh?


    "hey" beautiful lady. Celebrate the day - simply because you can.
    Loving you
    peace and hope.....

  4. Me again-

    I will be home for a while - I am going to get my hair and nails done in a while. We are going to a wedding tomorrow :-) and staying over night at a fancy hotel eehah!! :-)Skipp is off from work through Tuesday. big EEHAH!!

    love you

  5. I like your happy, festive banner. My plan time is almost over and it's time to pick the class up from art. Before I do that, I wanted to invite you personally to join in a blog swap I am hosting. I think you would really enjoy it. Of course, I totally understand if that's not something you're interested in doing. Just wanted to let you know that I'd be thrilled if you would consider joining us. Sign up ends tomorrow. I hope the end of your week is marvelous.

  6. Great job moving (excerise) ... and it sounds like you have a gorgeous environment in which to walk! How blessed are you?! Keep up the good work! Chicken lasagna ... I never heard of that before. Do you just substitute the beef for chicken? Sounds good!

  7. can't believe autumn came so quickly. love your new are beautiful in every way.

    hope you have a divine weekend, my friend. one love.

  8. Aren't we having the most beautiful Fall...gosh I want you to be happy but it doesn't sound like you ate very much, I think I would be starving. I think many small meals a day of healthy food would be a good way to do it but I am not an expert on how to loose weight cinner, wish I were not only to help you but to help me. Hang in there sweetie, we have a wonderful weekend ahead of us......I love the Fall....:-)Hugs

  9. Fall is here and I am looking forward to the changing of colors. So far...leaves are dropping but only the yellow color has shown up. Sigh! Love the burgundys and golds!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Clapping loudly. I'm glad Cinner you are back on track and feeling good. Remember, one day at a time.

  11. High five Cinner.
    One day at a time, honey. As always, I'm cheering you on.
    Happy weekend my friend.
    xoxo jj

  12. Way to go Cindy. You're doing amazing. And I love that picture at the top of your blog. Using chopestickss??? ok. I would never get super skinny b/c I can't use those things..before the food would get to my would fall back into the plate. ☺ Stay strong out there and have a great weekend. I'm routing for you..

  13. Keep moving forward...your on your way!

  14. I just came over to see how you are doing! It sounds like you are a rock star with your eating plan! Way to go Ms. Cinner. I have been so discouraged and depressed about weight this year. Very discouraged and disheartened. I will pray for you today! : ) Wishing you much love!


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