Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Am Having An Affair!

Well I have to get something off my chest,
I am in love with my treadmill,
I have been visiting in the morning and afternoon,
And Monday night in the middle of the night,
I wanted to go visit.
I decided against it as my hubby lay sleeping.
He would probably hear me breathing fast and think I was dreaming,
and come to check on me, so I lay in bed watching the clock
counting the minutes until I could step on it again.
I named my treadmill.
His name is Musta.
drum roll please..
Because I Musta have to walk every day.
the only one that is not impressed with my new toy,
is my dog. He just can not figure out how come I  am walking,
and he is just sitting looking at me all glum and dreary eyed!
Ah a good belly rub and he will be fine,
Betrayal forgotten.
I had a serious circulation problem,
since walking and drinking more water and cutting way back on bread,
my legs are not throbbing at night.
Whoo Hooo...progress!
How are you all doing with yours?
I would love to hear what is working for you!
So Wednesday morning when I wake up,
I am going to look in the mirror,
smile, tell myself to keep going, because I  am worth it,
I believe, I believe, I believe,
in all the effort I am putting into me
Try it
I am going to have 
My Very Best Day Ever!
Now I have that song I am A Believer
running around in my head.
Be well, until next time.


  1. Mr. Musta - very good to meet you!
    (Like the Beatles Mean Mister Mustard... but better, and not so mean!)

    Cinner, when my Mother died, I found amongst her things her favourite pen. She always had it nearby, even in a basket on her little walker.
    When I finally looked at it up close, she had written on it: "You toucha my pen, I breaka your nose!" or something like that.
    Very endearing.

  2. Oh Anne, that is too funny. do you know if the pen had been a gift from someone. At my last job, if a pen is laying around I just automatically would pick them up, the associates were always coming looking for their pens. So I probably would have been in trouble with your Mom. Hope you had a great day and another tomorrow.

  3. Cinner, that's great that you like the treadmill so much!!! Wishing you many happy moments together with Mr. Musta :-))) you do great, you really do!!! big birdie hugs ps: just last night I did stick on the bathroom mirror a paper that says "believe" ;-))


    I love that you are having an affair with "Musta"....good for you. I am having an affair with my acu-pressure foot walker - AND with my Wll balance - there is a virtual man on the W11 that converses with me. He is not half bad looking. :-) Stay close to "musta"

    Love you
    peace and hope.....

  5. Good for you!! I never did like mine very much!! I have got to start back working out or doing something and so does my husband. We want to be around for many more years. I am doing pretty good eating healthy but I'm pretty hungry all the time. I think you are doing so awesome.......I have heard the more you Do IT the more you Love IT!!:)

  6. Glad you have fallen in love!
    I like doing it to music.

  7. I named my treadmill too but it's unprintable in polite company :-)
    Keep up the great job!!!!
    xo jj

  8. You have overcome the first big hurdle. You have fallen in love with that treadmill. Woot!!
    It is all downhill from there!
    I am still walking 4.5 miles a day and loving it as well. Though it is getting colder and so dark now in the early morning! I just bundle up and go a little later. All is good
    Hugging you

  9. Keep on loving that new toy. Soon you'll be trotting along, then running :o)

  10. Your post marks the second time in less than 24 hours I've thought it might be nice to have a treadmill, so I could go for a long walk any time of the day, not just when it's light out (and I'm usually working). Hmmmm. Love your joy in it. Contagious!

    For me, one very surprising thing that worked, the only thing I can attribute to the change, is that I started baking my own bread from completely organic ingredients. I started baking my own to eliminate all those plastic bread sacks, which I blogged about a while back, but wow! What a difference!

    I am able to walk without pain and without the special shoes I've been wearing for months. Maybe grains aren't the culprit, in my case at least, so much as all the trace junk that is in store-bought breads and all the trace minerals and vitamins not found in same store-bought breads that I'm now getting in my home made, whole grain loaves. Just a theory ...

  11. Cinner, that is wonderful! You know what else is wonderful? Your header.

  12. You and Musta keep on walking, beautiful Cinner ! You're love for life is amazing and inspiring ! Yay for you !
    Big Love !


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