Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lets Kick some Ball or Smell the Trees......

Is she just not a little love.
I look at her and she just makes me 
want to smile and  jump up and play ball with her.
She is a darling little love.
We all had a nice visit.
She is one of my cousins daughter.
I even got a kiss.
This is the view from their home. 
I have been there before.
What I really noticed were the brilliant colors
and how much further along
the Spring was than ours,
After all it was still brown at home...
but the brown was exciting news too,
because at least it was not white.
I Simply adore color,
and love Easter colors.
We are going out for supper to a Family get together.
I hope you do truly have a wonderful Easter,
may we always remember the meaning of Easter
and all of our blessings.
Embrace your day!



    Happy Easter to you too my beautiful friend. And yes, embrace the day for He has risen.

    Love you

  2. Happy Easter cinner, and your cousins little girls is adorable. I love the cherry blossoms (if that is what they are).......:-) Hugs

  3. The little one is so darn cute!! I bet she is fun too!!

  4. Hope your Easter was grand Cinner.

    Your pics are stunning-- love all the spring colors and your cousin is a little doll.

    Have a great week,

  5. Hiya, Cinner -
    Hope your Easter was a good one!
    Love the pics - as usual!

  6. Thanks everyone, I had a visit with them on two separate days. I love little children. Little Emilie calls me ninny. I believe the trees were cherry trees Bernie, my Easter weekend was well, spent time with my husbands family and had a lovely meal at MIL. Exhausted last night. Today will be a lowkey day as oh I am a tired girl....take care to all, I appreciate all your comments. Thank you. Be well.


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