Monday, April 5, 2010

What makes Popcorn Yellow.

I sure did, I had to, I needed to, I wanted to, 
I was not the only one.
You know who you are..
May I make wise choices today,
The holidays are a reason to eat for me.
I need to figure out how to change that habit.
No figuring out just do it.,
So why does that little guy sit in my head,
and say oh what the heck just have it,
Do you know him.
I hope he moves away quick.
The little sabotoger.!
p.s. it did taste darn good,
I did wash it all down with water.
Now that sounds not so bad.
Have a great day with your choices.
Breakfast is yogurt, fruit and twelve almonds.

Have a happy day.


  1. you deserve popcorn cinner! Its Easter! I hope you had a lovely time! PS: I love your blog banner! Brilliant! ((hugs))


    Happy Monday! My sister made a heart healthy lasagna - low fat everything. So the choice was made for me. phew.

    Love you girl "hey"

  3. I love love popcorn and my fav is the homemade kind! I would eat it every night if I could. Popcorn is good for you!!

  4. I don't think popcorn is that bad for you cinner, at least I hope not as I eat it all the time......well the butter is not great for you but then it wouldn't taste the same without it........:-) Hugs

  5. i was very bad on easter...i think i is being around others and all the food and i dunno...

  6. I never did like the stuff...just the burnt "old maids".
    Did you ever call them that? Or is that just an Army expression?
    Kick that crazy talking guy out - he won't leave on his own....
    You've got to evict him!

  7. Cinner I know popcorn arghh it's a hard one the smell alone is enough to make my mouth water and then open.
    Forget it now it's done and just continue on


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