Friday, April 2, 2010

Fruits, Gardening and You

So I have been eating a lot of fruit this last while,
pears, apples, oranges, blueberries,
of course minus the eucalyptus leaves.
I think they would be an acquired taste or who knows possibly poisonous,
so I am recommending you do not try them,
as I would not want to be responsible for any hazardous conditions you would possibly endure.
Today we managed to get outside and do a bit of raking,
I was very tired today so I ended up sitting in the sun,
and did manage to be a little help to my husband today.
And then it started to snow but did not stay.
Thank goodness.
I am in the process of planning my little garden so I will have fresh lettuce, tomatoes etc on hand
over the upcoming summer..
How are your plans going or are you just planting flowers. I want to try some raised gardens as it is almost necessary for me now.
I would love to hear how you are doing with weight loss and what is working for you., or just how the heck are you?



    Oh how I love home grown veggies. We are going to try those upside down hanging tomato plants this year and I grow fresh herbs in my garden, basil, parsley, mint and rosemary to name a few. :-) And I take my Mom to the farmers market every week once they are up and running - we have a lovely time together.

    Well, rest, enjoy, breathe, drink water, move about, dance, laugh and remember I love you girl. "hey"

    Love Gail

  2. I tried to raise veggies one year when I had a house.
    Ends up I work too many hours.
    Farmer's Market is good.
    Glad you are getting out and about!

  3. Hi there! I hurt my hand in a fender bender. A lady was pulling out of a parking space in the parking garage and hit my car. I sprained my thumb and arm

  4. hey Girl!

    just read your comment on my post about my husband. Thank you for your wonderful words. They are greatly appreciated. I hope your aunt and cousins [if any] are doing well. Ther is a wonderful book called THE SUICIDE INDEX that really lays it all out. My daughter and I refer to it all the time. we hightly recommend it to suicide survivors. The author's father took his life and she tracks the things her family faced for 15 years following his death. Very powerful.

  5. I love to plant veggies and fruit in my garden. Last weekend we planted tomatoes (my dogs favorite, she eats them off the vine), squash, peppers, strawberries. I don't have a lot of planting room so I use those hanging planters for the strawberries and tomatoes they work great. I gave up trying to lose weight, I just try and eat as healthy as I can anytime I hear the word diet I freak out so best to trick the brain into thinking something else. Have a great Easter.

  6. I've tried for years to grow a garden, but the deer and bunnies eat me out of house and home before we get any!!

    I think we decided to do pots of tomatoes and an herb garden - on our deck, so hopefully the deer won't get on our deck!

    Hope you have a happy Easter!

  7. Hi Cinner, I'm not the best cook or garderner but love to plant flowers. I love the colors....The weather has been so summer that we went for a hike twice. Felt wonderful except that huffing and puffing and realizing boy do I need to get into shape. Sarah

  8. I plant tomatoes, herbs and hopefully this year some lettuce. It is so nice to see the sun again isn't it but we do need more moisture or so they ground is still very wet.......:-) Hugs

  9. Bernie, if you can believe it we have raked our yard already, had a little snow yesterday afternoon for about 5 minutes. I am sure enjoying the sun though. Have a great Easter Bernie.

    Oh Sarah, that huffing and puffing was probably me. I do know what you mean though. I love the flowers too. I just want to get out and play. hopefully we can both be out there soon. hugs to you.

    biz319 that sounds like heaven to me, having dear in the yard...I think I have to try pots this year or get my husband to build me a raised garden. Have a great weekend. Be well.

    Sunmalia, I can't imagine a dog eating tomatoes although mine does pick raspberries and eats those. Freaking out about dieting, I truly understand...I am trying to change my lifestyle, as for DIET, oh my, I truly do understand. Happy to see you here. take care.

    Ellen, hi, thanks for recommending the book. It sounds like a good one. My Uncle was my great Uncle. I only remember him when I was a little up until about 25. His daughters are now in their 50s and his exwife is still living. I know it was always a hush hush thing in our family...We also had a son of one of my dads friends committ suicide. His Dad has never gotten over it. I am glad I am an optimist and know there are always better days ahead. love to you, have a great weekend and I hope the sun shines for you and your family.

    Katie J, sorry to hear about that, I am glad you were not hurt worse though. The traffic in the city scares the heck out of me especially on the freeways. I can not drive because of my cataplexy. so I just keep my eyes shut and hold on. take care, no lifting turkeys for you this Easter with your hand,,,don't strain it...Take care.

    Anne, I can see how that would interfere. I do like the farmers markets. If you ever get to Vancouver you have to go to Granville Island, they have the best market there, the smells are amazing. I definately have more energy with the sun shining...Every day I still have had to have a two hour sleep, but at least I have energy again when I am up. Keeping my fingers crossed, take care. I got your email so will get that off to you early next week. Have a good weekend.

    Gail, I got to get by and have a visit, I bet Gracey is twice as big as when I visited before I went away. hope you are well. your garden sounds heavenly. I think I have seen those tomato plants before. maybe I will have to try them. anything that keeps me from kneeling down. Have a great Easter. Love to you, c

  10. Hi Cinner, Welcome Home! I'm just back from 2 weeks of Spring Break too.

    I hope al that fresh air felt good after your long drive home-- Ten hours, yikes.

    And I sincerely hope you've seen the last of snow! Enough already.

    I wish I had a green thumb and room for a garden but unfortunately I do not. But my friend has a gorgeous garden and is very generous with her harvests. I'm lucky-- Home grown tastes the best!

    Feel good and Happy Easter.

  11. Good for you starting a garden. My husband wants to but I am not sure if he will have time or not.....and I know nothing about what to do in them except pull weeds!!

  12. Hello there! SO glad you stumbled across my blog as well!! And I love yours too BTW! I too believe it's great to accept the skin we're in but to do our best to eat the right foods and exercise as well!! Good job! :-)


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