Thursday, October 15, 2009

To Crave or Not To Crave!

So I have been sitting here thinking about how I crave different food, be it because of the sun, moon or stars, I don't know. Somedays I love my chocolate, other days I crave something salty...But I discovered today, even though I am having those cravings, I am starting to have other cravings....No, no, Don't let your imaginations run away with you! I am craving life! I am craving how it would feel to climb a hill, or run in the park, or swim in a lake, or skydive, or dance for a half an hour, stand without sitting down every few minutes, or even walk around in a mall just to look. Alot of these things have slipped from my fingers a few years ago and unfortunately the less you do, the less you are able to do. I have been working really hard at changing this aspect in my life. These cravings are by far way ahead of the chocolate or salt that I am craving.
So today I threw snowballs, I shovelled some snow, I walked to the end of the block and back and I ate really healthy. I drank my water! I chose to look ahead and not backwards, and better still is I know I am making progress, slowly little by little, to some it may seem so tiny, but for me it was like hiking to a mountaintop. And someday....I plan to get there. Have a great evening or day!


  1. Oh I love your positive attitude and if you take one day at a time you will hike up that mountain I am your new cravings and your day sounded like so much fun with the your husband was surprised to see all the shovelling you did........:-) Hugs

  2. You'll get there! Any activity is a positive step. You see all these people running marathons and half-marathons. So many of them will once have been unable to run around the block. Stay positive and have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Hi Cambridge Lady, Your right any activity is positive. Have a great weekend too. We finally have the sun today.

    Bernie, I really did have fun throwing the snowballs around at them with them. I like my new cravings too. I hope you have nice weather so you can get into your yard. That's my plan for the day. Take care.


    Bravo - you continue to inspire me. :-) I intend to learn and define how to get up from the floor - Once my knee/side heals I am back on the Wll ........!!!!! I crave as you my friend - for much that is lost - I may not get back some of those adjustments but there are other new tasks I can take on - so lets both promise to keep moving and celebrate how we crave life.
    Love to you

  5. Gail, you continue to be an inspiration to me, I was outside for about 3 hours today, the sun was shining and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I tried to put some of my yard ornaments away...I feel muscles I forgot I had! Every day we will just keep going forward. You are my friend and I will always be here for you, to share when we are well, and when we are not, and when we take a tumble, we will get each other back up. You have so much strength, I read it every time I visit you or you leave me a comment. Love to you my friend.

  6. Good for you! Little by little you will get there. You are worth it.

  7. Unknown Mami, thanks mami, I have been trying to leave messages on your blog and heres a Canadian question, do I write in that twitter thing. lol. because yours looks different than anyone elses.

  8. I posted on an earlier blog as to how happy it makes me to know that you are craving this!!
    I have one thing to say (for now!)
    You go girl!!! I'm cheering for you...rooting for you...and most of all praying for you.
    Love to you from Jackie

  9. Thankyou Jackie, On Monday I go to that weightwise program,I think it will be interesting . Thanks for all the kind words.

  10. "I am craving life!" I LOVE that! Way to go Cinner. Keep up the great attitude!
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


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