Monday, October 19, 2009

I Have A Beef!

Good Morning, Today I have decided to write about What's My Beef?
I do have to say it is one of my favorite photos that I took at the farm during weaning season!
So I figure Monday morning that Most People complain about the start of a new week.
Today I am complaining about all the treats that came into my house, so I have sat my husband down,
I said Oh Honey we need to have a talk....this always brings a look of horror on his face!
One thing about my husband is he enjoys his beer, and he loves to bring me chocolate, fast food,
His attitude is that a little won't harm me, so this is what I have decided to do!
First of all I know I have the power to say no I won't eat it, however I do find it hard when it is here calling
my name....Cinner, oh Cinner, until at a weak moment when I can fly over tall buildings, do back flip, eat the chocolate, wash my hands and face and be back before he knew I was even gone..
So Here is My Plan!
I am going to the Weight Wise Program and I am taking him with me!
Hopefully he will realize that he has to help me with this!
I think he will realize how beneficial it could be for me.
He always says, you were a plus size when I married you and I loved you then,
and I love you now!
I know he does, that is why I need him to be on board with this as well.!
So it should be an interesting day, I am doing this for my health!
He says I am beautiful, etc,
But I know he knows how hard it is for me some days.
I am craving life like I said in my last post
So we have to do this together!
Wish me well!
So thats my beef for today!
Take care, be kind to yourself.


  1. Oh Cinner,
    I was just dropping in to thank you for always leaving such supportive and generous comments and I now need to tell you, go girl. Take your husband with you and he can be such a help for you. My husband came to weight watchers with me a few years ago, he wasn't really that over weight but he wanted to lose a little as well. It was so good for us to go together. Now when I need to do a little weight watching he knows exactly what is involved and he can areally help me. So good on you and good on your husband I hope he is really supportive of your attempts to get healthy and happy. Love lots
    Kim xx

  2. You go Girl . . sounds like you want to do this for all the right reasons so you're off to a flying start. Look forward to hearing your progress. My best wishes that you achieve all that your heart desires. And Cinner, many thanks for the kind comments you leave on my blog:)

  3. I think this is a great idea!

    You know, what I love about this situation of yours is that you're starting from a place of emotional abundance instead of 'lack'. So many of us start the whole lose weight trials with a feeling of being ugly or unworthy and we think that will change it for us, but it only helps a little and so the weight comes back on.

    But, with Hubby seeing the truth of you and liking you as he does, you really are in a spot of being successful. SO, yes, the two of you go and it should be a bit easier on you.

    BTW, remember my Oreo cows? Well this cow should be in the Bovine version of the rock band Kiss Cows! Look at how his face is painted!



    Great plan!!!! :-) Bringing him along to 'Weight-Wise' will 'open his eyes to your challenge. My husband and I are on our heart-smart food plan together - it is SO much easier that way. And we laugh 'heartily' about how different our refrigerator and cabinet contents now loook. :-)
    Great "beef" story!!

    Love to you my amazing friend

  5. What a great photo....and a GREAT idea to take your husband with you. What he said about your being a plus size when he married you was a PLUS for him! Give him another big kiss on the lips! He is a keeper...and wonderful man...and I know that he will go with you to your meeting and see that this is something you want for you. I just love you both!

  6. Brilliant idea my friend, hope he agrees to it. Am anxious to see how you made out and what they told you, I am like you if it's in the house I will eat it always.....have your best day.......:-) Hugs

  7. Hi Everyone, just a quick note to let you know all went well. Wain came along with me, I was surprised by some of the questions, and apparently I can take some of the modules before you actually get into see the doctor. I will post about it for all to see tomorrow. Thanks for all your good luck wishes. Take care, Until tomorrow.


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