Saturday, August 1, 2009

Get off the couch!

Check this out, this picture is evidence of a specific problem in my house. No it is not the fact that both my pets are mooches, okay that is a story for another day, but did you notice where I was eating. On the couch, in the livingroom, in front of the T.V. I admit that I am guilty. Very seldom do my husband and I eat at the table inside. Usually we sit out on the patio in the summer and eat together out there. I have to admit in the winter, well we just plop ourselves down,,,hey it is our home, we can do what we want, right? Wrong, if we could I would not be in the situation that I am in. As for my husband, tall,thin,lanky, sport lover, high metabolism, can eat whatever he wants and it all comes straight to me. He always says, "I don't understand, you don't eat very much, honey just do the best you can!He is a dear, but the fact is that I have been eating too much for someone that only has any level of physical endurance for approximately 1 to 2 hours in the morning, and I usually am only up for about 3 hours before I have to lay down due to my Cataplexy. I am not making excuses any more. Today I did fairly well with the eating, the physical work was weedwacking around my flower beds...about 5 minutes, rest, 5 minutes, rest....but I am taking this to a new level which is that of being consistant everyday. I have a vision of whats at the end, energy, joy in not watching life pass you by from the sidelines....I think I have said enough today.


  1. Hello new blog Cinner! No ice cappuccinos today I see?
    Good job! "Little by little the bird builds his nest!" I got that from Karen at *Fitcetera* - good words!

  2. I'm walking the journey with you, Cin. And it's not easy...but every day it's a testament to my courage of believing I'm worth the effort. Go get a glass of water, now! HUGS

  3. Anne it was 30 degrees here and I wanted the ice cappucino so bad, but no........, that and drinking the eight glasses of water is going to be my real battle.

    Holly, so glad your with me. A testament to my courage of believing I'm worth the effort. I like that. Me too. Thanks for the email this am. no problem. We can do this.

  4. Look around, Sister! Lots of lovin' everywhere you look!
    Each time you make a better choice - for the water, for example - you are setting up some VERY good vibes for yourself!
    I drink my water 4 ounces at a time. Every hour on the hour, I drink 4 little ounces....two or three swallows...a little more sometimes....that's how I get my water in....especially at work!

  5. Thanks Anne, that is a good idea. I will try that tomorrow. I have to get groceries in here and go through my cupboards....out with the junk....I talked to my husband and told him tonight no deserts, no treats, that if he wants to buy anything it better be a fruit or a vegetable, or chicken or fish....I have asked for his help before but I think he really gets it. I have a physical on Tuesday so I have decided that will be the weighin as I can not find my scale here. my husband has hid it on me, because i can get a little compulsive about getting on the scale, r u like that. Take care.


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