Monday, August 3, 2009

Lord Love A Duck!

Good Morning, Well I posted one of my favorite pictures of myself. That was last summer, drum roll please, at 275 lbs. I can't believe it. Today I found my scale, so being in a great mood and knowing it was not going to be good...I slowly stepped on it, do you ever realize you go slower thinking you wont weigh as much...So first it was like, step away from the scale and take all your friends with you....No,no,no, I am not going to think that way! So instead I could hear me thinking, LORD love a Duck...My Mom always used to say it. Odd I would think of it today! So I could keep rambling, but I have to be real with myself and just own it. 295, not bad if I were 8 feet tall, but I am only 5 feet three, and as you age you get shorter so probably
five feet two....I was going to say I always took care of myself, but obviously not, what I meant was always fixed up, makeup on, nails done, looking my best...Always the short, round, cute one. I have always been happy, had boyfriends, on my second marriage, outgoing,lots of friends and acquaintances, coached ball 7 years ago, played all the high school sports...and here I am today where almost every physical activity is an effort. Part of that is my illness, my doctor said maybe three quarters of it. I know if I lost some weight I would have more energy, how can you not right! So it is only getting better from here. I will not let this number discourage me or ruin my to get my water, trying for eight today! I hope this finds you all well and motivated!Until again.


  1. Now at least you have a starting point. I never weighed so I'll never know how much I lost...
    Here we go being twins again - I'm 5'2"

  2. Twins for sure, you were cleaning yesterday, so was I . were you drinking Ice Cappucinos....just kidding. I did not have any. lol I should not have even typed the word. now I want one...WATER,WATER,

  3. Water water everywhere, yummy yummy water----
    And no I didn't have a xxxxxx. I abstain!

  4. Okay, let's let the third shorty in here. I'm 5'3" and on my way to a better number than the one from which I've journeyed. It'll be more fun with you as part of the walk with me...And, Anne, you're way down the road from us, so please give us courage to continue when we mere mortals start to flag...Go Cinner, GO!

  5. You too Holly, I see that number and I just about lose it. I always think to myself I don't eat that much, okay maybe a little b.s., except what i did eat was all wrong. I won't even say the word but let me tell you...fresh out of the oven is now fresh out the door. Holly I am glad we are doing this together. This keeps it right front and centre. GO,Holly, Go! sIS BOOM BAH, RAH, RAH, RAH!...Okay I have to have a nap. Everyday at 2 oclock. I have to stay on schedule! and more water. Have you seen the Evian commercial. Let me know and I will send it. It is hilarious


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