Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't Believe Everything You Think.

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One of the things I have really been focusing
on lately is positive versus negative thinking.
Now I think I am a pretty positive person
about life, about myself.
I believe in living your best days etc.
But when I really get down to things,
some of my distortive thinking
has been that I am broken
since I got my illness,
just that I am not capable of doing what I used to.
Another one has been my not being able to
have children, that somehow I was not
whole, I was broken.
I realize that when one has these thoughts,
that it is going to impact everything.
I think one can only hide behind their strength
for so long, and sooner or later you have
to deal with the so called crap in our lives.
When one has an invisible illness,
you encounter all kinds of doubt,
unfortunately a lot of people
believe your overweight,
nothing wrong with her, she is just fat and lazy.....
So there are a few of my distorted thoughts.
so I have learned this.
Example if I think someone thinks that I am fat and lazy,
that is my perception. I am not a mind reader,
and if they really do think that,
I have a choice to let that effect me or not..
So if someone thinks it or glances at you wrong,
We can go from zero to 360 about rudenes,
bottom line is So What, does their opinion matter,
The validation does not need to come from someone
else, because we have to believe in ourselves.
I am losing this weight for me,
for me, for nobody else,
I don't need to be told I look okay,
I need to know that within myself.
So out with any negative,
too much time and energy
is wasted on the what ifs
in life.
I like me and I am learning to
love me.
I keep hearing from the movie help
You is kind,
You is beautiful,
you is important.
On Monday I had three appointments
and all are very happy with my progress
in one month is seventeen pounds lost,
more energy, keeping goals,
more confidence, changed how I am eating,
I am controlling the food, the food no longer
controls me...
I am off to a good start.
I hope you all have a Very Good Day!
Until next time,


  1. HI LOVE - I believe that it is from our brokenness that we are able to share our greatest gifts and hope.
    Love you girl "hey"

  2. brokeness can color our perspectives about everything in life. even though I have made a conscious decision to "be positive", it creeps back in on cat paws and then I have to shoooo it away again. my life is an ongoing process of readjustments and now that I have given myself permission to see it that way, I can manage the little bits lots easier. Sounds like you are on the right track for you. Hurrah and congrats. Oma Linda

  3. Your thought process is wonderful and so positive. Congrats on your weight lose that is fantastic. Lots of people can be rude and negative...let them ruin their own lives...not yours!!
    Your are doing so well

  4. Hi Cinner,
    You are awesome, my friend and I know that you will do this!! Love, Cindy

  5. Hello Cinner!
    Can I just say how wonderful and amazing you are? Your words continue with positivity and going forwards, your an inspirational lady! All the very best to you Cinner!

  6. Very Postive Post indeed. We are living for ourself first than others. So live the live fullest.

  7. Yeah, wouldn't it be great if we were all skinny and perfect like all of those that feel that they can judge others?!
    Your progress is nothing short of amazing Cinner! Love Di ♥

  8. I look around at the things I'd save first if there was a fire and a lot of them are broken. Definitely not a measure of worth!

  9. i agree this:Don't Believe Everything You Think.because your think not your see, from hollister uk thanks your post


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