Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Sailing Along.

Hi Everyone,
Life is Sailing along at a fast pace around here.
I have been busy with appointments,
meetings and life, as well as getting enough sleep
for someone whom has Cataplexy.
Some days there are just not enough hours for me.
I am reminded that everyone has the same 24 hours in a
day to deal with and am amazed at people like
Mother Theresa whom made the most of every day
and look at all she accomplished.
There are many others like her.
I have been making progress towards my goal.
I am down 20 pounds for the year.
I am getting out of the house more,
I have made some new friends,
I went out all by myself this past week.
I am trying to get over the fear of falling,
or the fear of what ifs with my illness.
It was a major step for me to take a cab
yesterday. I had my paper in my pocket
explaining my illness and I am going to get
a medic bracelet. It was the first time
without any family around me,
so I have to admit that safe feeling
was not there, but I have to face my fears.
I think that is the only way I can grow as a person.
We had more snow this week,
it was kind of nice to have things
looking white again,
reminding me how lucky
I am to live in a region
where I get to experience all the seasons.
I have a new neighbor next door to us
and bless his heart but he shoveled the walk
this morning. I would have done it myself later,
I thanked him and what he did in five minutes
would have taken me at least a half hour.
So that was a nice way to start the day.
I hope you are all doing great
and I wish you all a very
Happy Weekend.
Until next time,
pic by Kelsey H


  1. HI CINNER - I so applaud your courage to get out and "do", wonderful and brave.
    Nice neighbor! :-)
    I am busy too w/my Mom and all - she is coming along.
    Love to you my friend

  2. Many folks would not understand the fear of going out on ones' own. It is a really big accomplishment. Good for you, from one who understands. Oma Linda

  3. Thank heaven's for great neighbors. We really don't have any...just other farms that tough our land.

    Kudos to you sweetie for gettin' out and about. You are a brave woman!

    God bless and have a magnificent day sweet Cinner.

  4. Nezzy thanks I am really trying to push myself. I am back on track this week so will be by for a visit. hope you are well and not too busy. lol. is there such a thing on a farm? Big hugs.

  5. Linda I know it is hard to explain how that fear can just take over, thanks for your understanding. I have to drop in to see how you are doing.
    think of you often. hugs.

  6. Gail, hope things slow down a bit for us. sending prayers for you and your Mom, I am still laughing about the underwear....that is so cute. love to you. hey.

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  10. Thanks for your sharing, I just need them,it is very kind of you.

  11. 20 pounds - once you make up your mind - you are a woman on fiyah! Good on ya!

  12. you sure are inspiring! wahoo, doing things you want to do. so awesome, i am smiling ms. Cinner!


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