Monday, January 23, 2012

I Am Back this time to stay!

Hi Everyone, I am back feeling better than I have in a long time. I have missed my Weight Loss Blog. I have recently found what really works for me. I am so excited about the days ahead of me. I have realized that I am an Emotional Eater. It is an ongoing battle not to revert to old ways. I am in control of what I put into my mouth, and about making healthy choices for me. One of the reasons I had stopped this blog was because I was feeling like a failure. Doing good one week and not the next, I also originally thought that blogging would keep me on track, after all I had to be accountable to everyone else, right....What I realize now is that the only person I have to be accountable to is me. My path to admit that I am an Emotional Eater has taken me 28 years. I can finally do that without flinching. I can also agree with the statement that it is not what I am eating, but that it is about what is eating me. A year ago I would have said, What hogwash that is, I just like food...and that was my attitude. Clearly I know now that I was not ready then  for the work that is in store for me now. I hope you come along with me on my journey,  take care until next time, Cinner


  1. Good to see you again. (I lost track of your other blog, but have put it in my reader so i don't lose it again.)
    Today is the first day of the Timmy's supersizeme coffee cups - I am not impressed. Who needs that much coffee and calories at one time?

  2. Hi. What a pleasant surprise! :)

    Happy healthy living. :)

  3. Good to see you sweetie!!

  4. Welcome back from many of us former emotional eaters!

  5. Hey girl - you are simply the best!!
    Love you

  6. You have lifted me today, Cindy.
    I wanted you to know...
    Hugs and love,

  7. Oh, I wish you all the best!

    I understand exactly what you mean about the work involved in attaining and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

    I'm hoping I get to a point where I want that more for myself than I want to eat anything and everything I want (which usually involves very UN-healthy food choices). Right now, I'm just not there.

    I remember a weight-loss coach once saying, "You have to want the you that you can be more than you want the food style you have today. It's that simple."

    I want to be thin and healthy, but I want to be able to wave a magic wand to get there.

    Good for you! You have chosen wisely.
    'Hope it rubs off on me!
    I'll keep you and your goals in my prayers, Eileen

  8. I think for most of us, weight loss, is a continual action. If we don't continually take action about it, it won't happen.
    That is so hard to do but I'm right there with you Cindy. I'm working on it too! We'll do it together! YAY!!
    Love Di ♥

  9. Oh Cinner, I am so happy to see you back! Honey, you are never a failure and so right that the only one you are accountable to is yourself. We all have our own little demons. It is what makes us human. Hugs to you my lovely friend.

  10. It's always hard to admit what is painful and deep for us. Kudos for doing that.
    I'm an emotional eater too..I'm sure a lot of people are. So you are not alone.

  11. You are most certainly not a failure. You are a work in progress.

  12. Mami, thank you I needed that reminder. I have tried to comment on your blog a couple of times and have not been able to. I hear it is a problem with blogger.

    Shell, your right I wanted to fight it all the way. I think it is hard to admit that the food has control over you...unless you really start to deal with it, one will never understand it. Hope you and Jacob and your hubby are doing well.

    Mina, hi sweetie, so nice to see you here, and your words of encouragement always mean the world to me.

  13. Hi Diana, yes lets work on this together, The big thing is consistancy.m and having a support system certainly will help. yay, we can do it girlfriend. hugs

  14. Eileen, Thank you for your support, you made me laugh with waving a wand to make it happen. I can not tell you how many times I have wished that, or wish when I wake in the insane is that. lol. I am going to put the words from the lifecoach on my blog, it does sound pretty logical. Hope you are well, thanks again.

    Jackie, thank you that is nice to know, I am just so glad you are around, you always bring a smile to my face. hugs.

    Gail, aaaaww Golly Gee girlfriend. your making me blush. lol. hugs.

  15. Michelle thank you so much, I hope to call myself a former Emotional Eater one day, at least I have a foot on the right road. take care.

  16. Chandrika, hi, so nice to have you drop in. I will be paying you more visits for sure. I do come by and read but I need to start commenting more, you always have the best questions. take care and thanks for visiting.

  17. Violet Skym hi Timmys supersize, I just had to put my hands over my ears, or hands over my eyes and pretend I did not see that. I swear I used to be addicted to their Ice Cappucinos, until I looked up the calories,,,,230 not the worst, I mean bad enough, but the big thing is that it is 50 per cent fat....I have not had one this New Year, may have them a couple times a year with one per cent...are they supersizing everything...just what the world does not need. I really enjoy your blog just want to tell you again. hugs to you.


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