Monday, September 12, 2011

Smooth Sailing

Happy Monday
Well the move went great,
the weather was hot hot for sure.
What I Learned
my feet swell after two days of sitting in a vehicle,

getting stung by a wasp
hurt like heck
causing me to scream but no cataplexy spell.
this is majot, major for me.
not to fall down when that happened
was like blueberries in low fat yogurt,
oh yeah

Dads dog Buster
was very excited to see me.
he wanted to go for a run with the truck as son as he saw me.

feels like rain today,
staying a couple moree days at my sisters.
I am alone in the house as
everyone is helping at the other house,
Moms stuff is in storage,
and she is very happy to be with her family here.
she talked all the way  back yesterday
and seems ten years  youbger.
Bernie I will help once I am home,
Thanks for all the comments I will respond as soon as 
have a great week


  1. That is a major improvement Cinner...glad things are going so well. Wishing your mom pleasant days in her new surroundings.

  2. So glad your move went well. Welcome home.

  3. It's always good to hear from you!
    Put you feet up, grab a cup of hot tea
    an enjoy yourself!
    Glad you get some quality time with you Mum.

  4. Hi Cinner, So glad things are going well and your mom is sounding happy and content.

    We're moving my mom in 2 weeks and I have my fingers crossed that it goes as well as your move :-)

    Enjoy the time with your family and safe travels,

    xo jj


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