Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Longer Putting It off Until Monday!

So In My struggles with Weight Loss
I usually have been an all or nothing girl,
meaning if I do really really good,
and then cheat, I don't just cheat a little,
I am going to cheat and in a big way,
Meaning well I had a bag of chips,
oh what the heck you may as well finish off
the other  bag too and get them out of the house.
Other things I have done is
put off dieting until a new week,
So if it is Tuesday and I have made some bad
decisions, I can justify starting new again
the following Monday, so anything goes
in the meantime.
When I was working new projects usually
started on a Monday too.
And well Friday night if I was going out
and went off my diet, well what the heck
may as well start again on Monday.
These are the kind of things that are not easy to admit to,
You even talk yourself out of it, "Oh no I don't do that."
Now it even sounds ridiculous to know that I can
just sit and eat mindlessly.
One of the problems in my household
is that only when we get company
do we eat at our kitchen table.
It has been a topic of discussion
as our family growing up we had meal time
three times a day,
whereas in our home we tend to grab something
and sit in front of the T.V. while watching sports, etc.
Since I have confronted my Emotional Eating,
I am now eating six times a day at the kitchen table.
At first eating six times a day seemed outrageous to me.
When you journal your food it looks like a lot,
but it is working. I am becoming very aware of
what is good for me, and learning portion control,
counting calories etc., and as I stick to this schedule,
I no longer am eating mindlessly,
I no longer walk by the fridge and grab something
because I may be bored or lonely,
so it is not just something to do anymore.
The set times throughout the day is helping 
speed up my metabolism again.
Before I would usually not eat until supper,
and because unknowingly to me I had starved my
body all day then the overeating in the evening
was right out of hand.
So I am learning, I have a great support system
around me, I have the right food in the house,
Nothing comes easy in life,
so I am prepared for all the hard work
that lies ahead of me.
"The healthy, the strong individual is the one who asks
for help when he/she needs it.
Whether he/she  has an abscess
on the knee or the soul.". by Rona Barrett
I am lucky that there is a program in my area
where I can use the resources available to me.
Wishing you good luck with your day,
We are all worth it,
Until next time,


  1. HI LOVE - you are so wonderful and true. Enjoy every moment you "can"
    Love Gail

  2. I put things off too...something I struggle with.
    You are doing so well. You have ferreted out the problems and are tackling them one by one. Good job!!
    That is what I am going to do too!!
    Thanks for the encouragement

  3. Anonymous, hi thank you for your kind words. good luck, I am finding it really works. take care.

    SueAnn you have encouraged me so often...I saw the Dr. about having Gastric Bypass and was told there was no sense that unless I figured out what caused me to eat and how to change that, there was no point because I would just gain it all back. Since getting on board with this. I am doing awesome. how are you doing. are you still walking.
    hugs dear friend.

    Gail, thanks for your support, I will Gail you too hey. love ya. c

  4. wishing you a wonderful time and success that makes you feel good with this way of eating. I hear it is a good way and when one eats that often i think cravings for junk disappear.

  5. I think finding what works for you is the hardest part. I have found for me, if I just keep nothing but healthy foods in my house I do great. But throw junk or processed food in there and I'll eat it so, I have cleaned all the junk out and am replacing it with good stuff.
    Don't get me wrong, I will have something special once a week. And if I stick to that I'll do well.
    Good Luck Cinner, I told ya, I'm right there with ya!!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Cinner.

    I can REALLY relate to the “all or nothing” concept.

    I do great when I eliminate wheat and sugar. I stay away from it. Plain an simple.

    However, when I go off the wagon, I do it in a big way.
    Moderation is not a word that is in my vocabulary when it comes to food. I have to seriously restrict the foods from my diet that I am addicted to.

    It sounds like are doing a great job, creating positive new habits, and drinking lots of water.

    Be proud! BTW. Are you signed up for the Brave Girl’s Body Restoration ecourse? I’m not sure if I saw you there.

    Have a fun weekend.


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