Friday, September 2, 2011

So I had a Friend Call Me On It....

Recently I had a talk with one of my really good friends
and we were discussing how I usually say to
Have Your Best Day Ever.
She said I call Bullshite on that one.
Me batting my eyes at her, Why Whatever Do You Mean?
She said there is no way you can have your Best Day Ever Every Day.
I have thought a lot about this and I think because I have years that 
I refer to as The Lost Years, age 39 until about 44.
I had developed the Severe Cataplexy, more info in the page above.
At its very worst I could not stand up without falling down.
This was triggered from any kind of emotion,
Now I want to tell you that when these episodes happen
I am aware of everything around me, I can hear,
I just can not respond or move for a few minutes. Then I would
try to get up and it would continue around the clock.
Luckily there are medications that help to control this,
you just have to find the right combination and
that was worse than the Cataplexy until we found the right
combination of medicines.
What I learned from that time in my life
was that Every Day Matters, it might not be a good one when I would wake up,
but if I went around thinking oh man I feel horrible, well then that was
all I was going to feel. I would wake up and I would think okay I have
energy right now and I would take advantage of it because
I knew that in about an hour there would not be any, so I had to live in the
present moment and that is how I live and hopefully will always live.
Do I have down days, Occasionally sure just like everyone.
But if I wake up feeling down or not well, and I walk around saying
Oh man it is gonna be a shitey day today, well then I really am not
setting myself up for many options or opportunities.
I know this One never knows what Life May Throw At You,
I don't have it in me to duck and hide from Life,
Do I have perfect days, sure but my perfect is not the same
as what you would describe as perfect nor should it be.
But my Best Day is living as best as I can that day.
To appreciate, to enjoy, to be optimistic, to be grateful, and to 
do my very best for that particular day.
Every day I wake up and I am as Old as I Have Ever Been,
but on the same day I am as Young as I will Ever Be,
So I do the best I can to do what I can for that day.
Do I have every day life obstacles that come my way,
Sure I do, Just Like Anyone Else, Do I have the perfect
relationship, No but what I have is genuine and I have
a lot of laughter now and I don';t have to worry as
much about controlling my emotions because
of my medications. I used to be a Workaholic, I am
nowhere near the same as I was, but I am so much better.
I understand what is important for me,
A coffee in the morning in my favorite cup,
music to either soothe my soul or to envigorate me.
Knowledge in knowing there is more to me than my work.
Trusting that no matter what things will work out as they will,
that all the worry in the world can not change the outcome,
that sometimes even if I don't understand now why things are a certain way.
I will one day., and that everything in my life that I have gone through
has brought me to my path that I am on now.
What was the worst day of my life,
I have had many bad days because of poor judgement on my part
especially when I was younger.
But my worst day was when I lost my Dad
because it was so unexpected.
Somehow you manage and you remember
things you had forgotten and though I can not see him
there has not been a day I have not felt him in my heart.
That is a beautiful thing, I have become very close to my
Mother, my Mother has become much more independant,
and she makes me laugh at all the new things she has had to face.
But she has done her best and your choices are pretty much this,
,Make it a good one!
Sorry I rambled on and on,
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I could not get the link to work today but it is on my Sidebar.
Hope You Are All Well,
Have Your Very Best Day Ever!
Take care,


  1. Your friend is right, you CAN'T have your best day everyday, but you can wake up with the intent of having a better day than the one before, making YOU right. If I settle for the best of today, then what is there to strive for! Excellent ideas, Cinner!

  2. I think setting the intention to make every day the best day that it can be is a wonderful, positive way to approach life, My Friend. Is it possible very day ? Of course not! But having that intention, especially when you have had your share of days where it was impossible, is a way to soak up the goodness of this life, in spite of the bad, scary or depressing.
    Thanks so much for all you love and support. I am really feeling much better now. I am going to work at making this my very best September 2nd, 2011 ever ! ;-)
    Big hugs !

  3. HI your new blog and that pic of you. Your blog makes me want fall to start even more. Love this post....and your honest open sharing. It's hard to let go of people you love....Your dad will forever live in your heart and guide you with pieces of his life...things you remember....hugs to you Cindy...have a great week out there....Going to check out the giveaway.

  4. Sheeesh...nothing like being outed on your blog. Can't say nuthin' no more. ;oP

  5. Yep every day should be the best day i think! lately that is a bit hard to keep saying but i think you are right!

    A am sorry to hear about your dad, but he is in a good place.


  6. I agree with an earlier comment if you set your day with the intention this is going to be the the best day ever. Whatever you attract that day has to be better than what most people accept daily in their lives. Keeping aiming high and staying optimistic, my friend.

  7. the older I get the more PRECIOUS every day and each moment becomes. To flitter away a single day is to be reckless with God's precious gift of time.

    Nice Blog.
    I signed on to FOLLOW.
    Hope you'll visit me and do the same.

    Please enter me in your Give Away!!

  8. You are the most postive person! You always look on the bright side of things!

  9. You may have said a lot but at least everything you did say was meaningful and important. I admire your courage!


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