Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It Is Huge, You May Have to Scream!

So you know how we are all into exercises these days,
Well you just may want to run over to my other blog
as I am having a Giveaway.
The picture above is just a few items in my Giveaway.
The Giveaway is running from now until September 20th.
All you have to do is be a follower and leave a comment
.you may comment on every post, and as well if you
refer to my blog on your blog that gets your named
entered again.
So good luck to all.
Things are fabulous here.
I am reading a new book that I just received yesterday.
The Lean Belly Prescription 
by Dr. Travis Stork. M, D.
Host of The Doctors.
I think it will be a good read.
One of his Laws of Leaness
states the following.
You make 200 weight related choices every day.
That's 200 chances to start a new life!
After reading this I could not help but think
that Every day is a gift and I get 200 chances to start my new life.
So you see if you get up and make a wrong choice you still have
199 right choices to make. Before I would be oh Geesh
well I wrecked today, so I will start tomorrow.
I  don't know but if the thought process is giving me
200 chances today, I am going to make some
pretty good ones.
So what's working for you today.
I would love to hear about it.
I am saddened by Hurricane Irene
and I am praying that you are all safe.
I know that some of you have families
out east and my prayers are with you and your families.
Until next time I hope you have
Your Very Best Day.


  1. Hi Cinner,
    I love your new blog design!! and your giveaway! I will go over and sign up!

    Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  2. I'm also sending hugs your way dear Cinner! xoxo, Janet

  3. You are absolutely effervescent; it's contagious.

  4. Oh Cinner, I love your new Autumn blog look! So festive! You are always such an inspiration. I am off to see your other blog!


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