Monday, September 5, 2011

Moving Da Momma!

Hi I hope everyone had a joyous long weekend.
The weather here was beautiful,
worked in the yard, did some steak on the barbie.
Saturday was kind of a bust,
got a flat tire and what a fiasco
trying to find a place to fix it.
not to be done, everyone was so busy
and booked up maybe with getting vehicles ready
for what will be the white stuff.
I refuse to say it yet.
So I will be with my family this week.,
moving my Mom to the big city.
I am going down with my sister and her hubby and then
riding back with my Mom. I don't like her
driving such a long way by herself.
That is the one thing I really miss is being able to drive,
I guess sitting as a passenger has its benefits too,
so I won't be around much unless I can
sneak on my sisters computer.
I will be back as soon as I can.
Remember to enter my giveaway on the other blog
See Post August 31 for the details.
good things to note. I have a pair of jeans
that are almost too big, I may need to get a belt.
a couple pair of shoes are too big to wear,
that is a first.
Hope you are all doing well and
remember if you fall, pick yourself back up again.
Have A wonderful week.


  1. HI CINNER - travel safely and 'enjoy the ride'. way cool on the jeans being too big and the shoes too wow!! and I, for one, love when you write "have your best day ever".
    Love you girl "hey"

  2. Yesterday is gone - and is a figment of our imagining. Same with tomorrow. So today IS the best day ever - and also, the only day we ever had, have, or ever will have!
    Yay, Cinner!

  3. Hello Cinner! Congratulations on almost needing a belt. That is fabulous! I can't even think about the white stuff yet. We are finally cooling off some and getting relief from the sweltering heat. I want to enjoy fall. ;-) I hope you weekend is a joyous one and we'll hear from you soon. Hugs!


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