Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Discovery Sounds Trigger My Bad Eating!

Hi Everyone, thank you for the wonderful comments
on the last post, I finally got a chance to answer back to each one,
so thank you for your understanding.
I realized something new about myself today,
I knew I liked food because of visual presentation,
And there are certain smells that can be so tempting.
Today I realized that sounds trigger me into thinking of certain foods.
Bees buzzing in my garden makes me think of honey
and then peanut butter and honey sandwiches.
How silly is that.
I live in a city where I hardly ever hear the whistle of a train,
Tonight because of the way the wind was blowing
I thought of the farm where I grew up
and one of the favorite treats were
fresh homemade buns with butter and jam.
How do you go from a whistle blowing to that.
Birds singing in the morning makes me
want a morning coffee with creamer.
The sixties music makes me want Root beer and a Burger.
Now I am not saying always but it was surprising for me
to realize the correlation between the two.
Every evening at 530 the ice cream truck goes by.
playing the music that sounds like a fair,
and though I can't see the truck I automatically
start thinking ice cream and even cotton candy.
Batter out strike three
makes me want a hot dog.
Running the tub for a long bath
makes me want a glass of wine.
The sound of coughing and sneezing makes
me crave chicken noodle soup.
The sound of a crackling fire makes me want to
have marshmallows even though I don't
really like marshmallows.
The crack of a beer can being opened
makes me want to eat pizza.
and it is not my beer being cracked open.
The sound of an angry voice not even directed at me
makes me want some comfort food.
The sound of different accents
makes me crave certain foods.
I must be either a nut bar or a food addict.
Thank goodness when I turn on my treadmill
and I hear the beep, beep,
it makes me want to exercise.
Ha maybe I need to start wearing ear plugs for sounds that trigger me,
A really dark pair of glasses so I won't find food visually appealing.
Well I may as well get a noseclip so I can not smell any lovely aromas
Oh and I should wear gloves so that I won't be able to touch food either
although I don't think that really triggers me, unless I were to put a finger
in say mashed potatoes, yes you could not hold me back
and the shouting of encouraging voices saying
Cinner, no, no don't do it
hopefully would snap me back to reality
where hopefully I could pick up my dignity that has fallen
flashing its feet on the floor.
Egads do you think I woke up hungry?
I am starting to think so.
I will try to go back to bed but I know when that alarm
rings in the morning hubby better be out of the way
or a Cinner with dark glasses, wearing gloves,
a nose clip and one ear plug
will hit the floor running and when that fridge door
opens anything is game. It is a good thing I got my food
ready for tomorrow, it is also a good thing I can't drive
or I would be in line at Tim Hortons for a  Breakfast Baget,
a double double, oh and well just throw in a box of Tim Bits.
Just kidding I am going to stick to plan,
I am going to do everything I can to.
My nephews are leaving Friday
and I know when we say Good bye,
I will want to eat something right away.
Maybe it is a good thing that I am aware of what I do.
It is up to me to change my Triggers and to 
break my habits
So if you see me in line somewhere don't honk
that may make me think
I have quacked up.
I know this too shall pass.
Have a great day.
Do you have trigger sounds.
I would love to hear your stories.


  1. I've never thought of that before. I don't think that I do have trigger sounds. But it does make sense, why not? I don't think it sounds strange at all. I guess the important thing is being aware of it so that it is easier to deal with. I think you can handle it just fine Cinner!!
    Love Di ♥

  2. Loved the post and the visual of you in dark glasses and a nose clip, Cinner! This was magazine quality writing for sure!

  3. Some of those triggers are also some of the wonders of this life. I think your acknowledgement of the triggers is the important thing that will help you know you can take a smell, hear a sweet sound, or see something beautiful but not have to eat soemthing to appreciate it. Hard challenge, but making those new habits really is, isn't it ? But look at how far you have come ?
    Be kind to your sweet self, Beautiful Heart !

  4. Hi Cin!
    Sorry I haven't been around much, life is keeping me busy!

    I've never thought about sounds triggering cravings. Of course for me, just about anything can set me to wanting to eat something. I have to try to keep my mind as busy as possible so it won't think about food.

  5. HI LOVE - oh my, food i a tough addiction and it is the sugars' flours, carbs that is addictive, certainly not okra!!! You mentioned triggers. I have learned that just when I think I know all the triggers there are a thousand more lurking waiting to be noticed - I also know that it is whats on the inside that causes us to want the comfort of food and you sharing about how sounds remind you of food is so clear that your memories are filled with times when food was a part of how you lived, survived, thrived, self-soothed. I get it.
    Love to you

  6. What a wonderful post and you are amazing for putting into words something which is so hard to express.....:-) Hugs

  7. Please don't break all your triggers for when one of us is down, you are are the one who wants to encourage. You are the person here who most sees the beauty in the world around them. You understand the simple things that lead to the real happineses in life, You see that gentleness is encouraging and inspiring.
    I suppose it is a matter of changing the BAD triggers and keeping all the good ones, maybe even learning new ones from people like you.
    There are not many people in this world who feel truly good. You are one of them, don't you go changing too many triggers xxxxxx

  8. this is a fun post Cinner, you wrote it in such a fun way even though I know you are serious. when I hear good music, I want to dance! When there are very few sounds, almost quiet, I feel peaceful. I will have to notice if there are sounds that make me think of food. Smells for sure do it.

  9. I think that the key is feeling the feeling that the sound and trigger brings but not necessary indulging in repeating the memory, recreating the memory. In other words, it can be enjoyed but not repeated.

    At least that's how I want to see it. I don't even have to have the sound or the sight or the smell--I can do it to myself all in my head.

    Still I don't believe in the concepts of triggers, the part that says then acting them out is compulsory.

    I wish I had control over my own food addiction. But I'm working on it!

    What this brought up for me is about sounds. When I was a child, I was beaten daily. So then as an adult when I'd hear someone yell my name, I would startle and remember the beatings. Usually only when my name was called out, like say if a person was trying to get someone else's attention. Still it was a common name and it bothered me. So when I was in my 30's (over 20 years ago) I changed my name. Now I never seem to hear that very common name called. I'm very happy I changed my name to Olivia!

    Love to you, Cinner, xoO

  10. Now that you mention it.... I can relate to the noise triggers, at least as far as the ice cream truck is concerned. Ear plugs might be in my future :-)

    Enjoy your remaining time with the kids. I'm sure you've had a grand time.

    xoxo jj

  11. oh Cindy..this post made me smile. I agree with are amazing...movies always make me want to eat popcorn.....not sure if I have other food triggers but sometimes life seems like there's always something to fight. Stay strong....and love those fairies.


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