Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Ups and Downs of the Day and making choices........

Well today I had quite the day,
My sister and her boys left at seven thirty in the morning.
They were so good when they were here,
the dogs love having them around too,
Both dogs love to play soccer, so with the boys here they were in heaven.
I felt like crying after they left today but I will see them in a month,
They were really excited about getting home and being able to play
with all their computer games, etc. and to sleep in their own beds.
I can't tell you the fun I had with them.
Also today I spoke to one of my Aunts and her daughter.
My Uncle had passed away on Thursday evening.
He was 80. My Aunt had been in the hospital with us when my
Dad died. She was very pleased to hear from me,
and well we had a good cry then, and then I talked to my cousin
and we had a very good talk, of course with some tears too.
I showed very good restraint today, I wanted to eat oh yes I did.
But I did not, I pulled myself together and had to redo my
makeup and off we went to my MIL's  85 birthday.
There was about 25 of us,
Her five sons and one daughter were all together,
We had a wonderful time,
I had the best barbecued salmon I had ever tasted.
Everyone there was amazed at my energy level
and how much better I look since my operations.
The oldest one there at the party was our 92 year old Uncle,
one of the nicest men you will ever meet.
It was nice today to be around family,
things in life happen and somehow we have
no choice but to deal with things.
We are all responsible for our own life, how we embrace each day,
each hurdle, each phase. I used to question why do things happen, etc.
Obviously someone knows that answer, our higher power.
That higher power gave me the strength to  enjoy the day,
to be there for others and to know I was surrounded by love.
May we all remember what is really important.
We all have our different things in our lives,
today for me I did not worry about my size,
I thought of my health and how possibilities are opening all around me
as I gain some strength. I am exactly how I was meant to be today
Present and open to others.
I could have stayed in bed and cried,
Life is so fleeting I don't have time for such days.
I could wallow in past hardships that I choose to look at
as learning experiences, through each chapter of our lives
we become more of everything.
I hope you had your very best of days.
Sorry for being so long winded,
we all deserve to enjoy our lives.
Stay well my friends, until next time,


  1. Yes...our size can invade our minds and take away our joy!! It is good to remember that it is all about what is on the inside and how dear and precious family is!!! I am glad you enjoyed the boys!! I enjoyed all of my grand kids and we had a super time this summer!!!
    Each day is special and a blessing and a gift from Him!! Enjoy it and don't let size play any part of it! You are beautiful just the way you are!!
    Love you dear friend
    Hugging you


    wow, quite the whirl-wind of emotions from sadness over your uncle's passing to joy at the birthday party and family love that surrounded you. And fond memories of your time with your sis and nephews. Life is multi-layered, ey? :-)
    Have a wonderful SUnday my friend. Please say a prayer for our Gracie-Blue - we are taking her to the emergency vet - she is not well. :-(
    Love to you

  3. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day! Family is everything and I so miss them when they are away from me or I them. I don't see my California cousins, uncles and aunts often but when I leave them after being with them for a little while I miss them so much!

  4. I am glad too that you had such a great time with family, able to share the joys and the sorrows too. I think the very most exciting thing you wrote was: "I am exactly how I was meant to be today, present and open to others. I could have stayed in bed and cried, Life is so fleeting I don't have time for such days." What a triumph and victory! That is what I wish for myself every day. I so rarely succeed; I am so happy for you Cinner for doing what it took to be there in the good times and bad and for not swallowing the swirl of feelings by eating. Congratulations, and thanks as always for your inspiration, xoO

  5. Yay for living this precious life to the best of our abilities right here in this moment !!!! Yay !

    Big love to you, Brave and Wonderful One.

  6. Dear Cinner,

    I wanted to take a minute to let you know how very much I appreciate your presence on my blog. Thank you.

    May your day be a beautiful one.

    Sending love,


  7. "I am exactly how I was meant to be today
    Present and open to others."

    that is so beautiful!

  8. Our mental and physical health is most important...if only beneficial things are done where they are concerned, everything else seems to fall into place.
    Thanks for visiting Cinner.

  9. Oh Cinner, what a beautiful post. I think it is sad that we all (myself included) get so caught up in our physical appearance. Our spiritual and mental selves are far more important.

    Wow! You have some serious longevity in your family. I'll bet you are filled with wonderful tales of old to pass along. What a treasure.

    I'm sorry to hear about your uncle and so glad you are there for your aunt and cousin. You are such a giving and beautiful soul. Have a wonderful rest of the week, my lovely friend.


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