Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Out of Focus

Yes this is me admitting that I am way out of focus.
I tallied up my water for the month of July
Goal 300 Actual  152
This is glasses of water not weight....
So first goal for August, you guessed it is actually hitting my target.
The boys say they are going to help me starting in the morning.
why not tonight? Well I sent them off to a ballgame with their Uncle.
My second goal is to get plenty of rest.
We have all been up until midnight the last few nights,
and today well I just have to admit their mother is right.
They do need plenty of rest.
It really reminds me how our moods can effect our whole day.
This is what I learned today.
1. my nephews hate wall papering
2. Things must have really been different in the old days
back in the 80's(what are they kidding me)
3. the boys think their mother needs to learn more about computers
and get into the now.
4.Printers work if you plug them in. oh yes the joy of the 18 year old to tell me that.
I might have to glue his shoes to the floor tonight. lol. ahhh if only I could bend.
5. The pigeons from next door are learning to fly and they can make it to the next
house on the other side. I guess this reminds me to take small steps.
6. I learned today how awesome it is to come here and read all
your wonderful comments and how that lifted my spirits.
A big hug and a thank you to all.
Well off to fill the glass again,
Until next time


  1. I know what you mean about rest. It is so important. For me, the summer is hard: I just want to be up soaking in all the warmth, sunshine and summer fun.

    I try to get in two glasses of water right away in the morning when I get up. Really helps me meet my water drinking targets.

    Keep going strong!

  2. Michelle thank you, I will try that. I have noticed how sore my legs are and I know it is from lack of water. I will try that and let you know if it helps. hugs to you.

  3. Well I can't blame them for not liking wallpapering! Yuck!!!!!
    More water? I wonder how much I drink. I go through a gallon every 2 1/2 days. I don't know if thats good or not but I think you've gotten me beat! Love Di ♥

  4. Morning hon...yeah I understand the out of focus. Seemed like most of the spring I felt that way. Better now..but I have my days still..usually when I am overtired..not enough water and let things get to me! The lack of water shows in my face..I break out in a rash..really!! Looks horrid but huge wake up...DRINK something good!!
    I need to walk..Jim left the car with us for a couple he is taking it again..sigh..more walking..but it is good..even if I don't wanna!
    Lifting my glass with you hon!
    Love, Sarah

  5. Out of focus is a good explanation of things. Water and also moving are the two things I have a hard time with right now.
    I am heading to the rheumatologist today and we'll see how that turns out.
    Be Well my friend. Linda

  6. So happy that you have some great teachers to hang with. Yes, lovely One, take care of you.
    Today is day one, so drink up ! ;-)
    Much love !

  7. HI LOVE - one day at a time, ey? I love your attention to self, goals and truth. And your sense of humor is refreshing. I hope the regular mail I sent youarrives at your door step soon.
    Love you

  8. when I want to drink more water I set an alarm that goes off once an hour. Otherwise I never do it and I love water! Wishing you more water.

  9. Hi, Cinner,

    I know that when I make changes it has to be baby steps. I work to be patient with myself and to take my time. I know that when I feel out of focus (or "ungrounded")---I CRAVE time alone when I can move back to my center. I wish you FOCUS today.

    Cinner, I just now found your other blog :) Glad to see that there is more....Love to you, xoO

  10. I surely understand the feeling of being out of focus!!! May we come back into focus soon!! Ha

  11. What a wonderful post. I love the lessons you have learned. ;-) So like life. I'm sure having 3 additional loves in the house has been quite and experience for you. Have a great weekend!

  12. ha ha don't you love teenagers and our kids really they know everything it is amazing!!!!!
    small steps yep all the time one little step after the other all that water oh my goodness well good luck with that you'll lose all your weight running to the loo ha ha
    love to you my dear

  13. yes baby steps is hard but that is the way to do it... BUT you can do it! one glass at a time!

    Great post! made me think!

  14. Yes, rest and water are the two keys for keeping me focused.

    Thanks you for the beautiful reminder. I LOVE your blog. So beautiful an inspiring.

  15. Eydie, so glad to meet you and thank you for the lovely comment. I am coming to visit your blog. I always like meeting new people. Thanks for stopping by. take care.

  16. Leontien, small steps for sure, I can keep going as long as I don't overdo. Thank you for your visit, summer seems to have gone by so quickly but will try to be better about getting by to visit. take care. hope you are well.

  17. Kim you made me laugh, that is why I am up in the middle of the night. to the loo, to the loo. yes the kids do think they know everything. I told them when the get older they will realize how smart I am. lol. sending big hugs to you. hope you are feeling better.

  18. Mina, yes it has been quite an experience. my house is 860 square feet, so it is not like we can hide from one another. lol. thank goodness I have my yard which is like an extension to the home. That is where I usually am in the summer. Hope you are well. I promise once summer is over I will be visiting more. sending hugs your way.

  19. SueAnn I don't know if it is out of focus or out of sync, or maybe I am just off kilter...probably a story there. lol. heres to both of us getting our focus back. hugs dear friend.

  20. Olivia, so glad you visited my other blog which is my main blog, well the first one I started. I think alone time is just what the doctor orders sometimes. Thank you I so enjoy reading your comments and have learned so much from you. Once summer is over I plan to be better at getting to all my blog visits. enjoy your week. wishing you health and happiness.

  21. Tammie Lee, I think that is just what I need to do, a clock to remind me...that would work with a few things. thanks for that idea, wishing you all the best. sending a hug.

  22. Gail thank you so much, I loved the card, your words and the dream catcher. the words you wrote meant alot to me. I am lucky to have a friend like you, I thank you for that. hugs.

  23. Kim, if ice cappacinos counted I would be okay. I am trying to cut them out completely...oh well one day at a time. will be by to visit you very soon. hugs.

  24. Linda how did you make out at the rhematologist, hopefully the can find some relief for you. That is what I am praying for you. sending hugs your way. Hope all is well with the family and that things are going smoothly. be well.

  25. Sarah, glad you are still walking, I have a shooting pain from my heel to my right calf not sure what I did. Me being overtired is not a good thing at all, And the water, I really try when I focus on it I do okay. Maybe I should tie a bottle of water to my just saying. I will be visiting more often. I am hoping to be recovered by the end of the month.
    two doctors appointments and then I hope there are no more for the year. sending you a big hug and a thank you for being you.

  26. Diana you have the nicest skin, I have noticed that before. I bet you all the water you drink is one of the reasons. take care my friend and I wish you all the best next week during your surgery. wishing you a speedy recovery. hugs.


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