Thursday, March 10, 2011

I will walk 500 years, and I will walk 500 more!

           Good Morning Everyone
I woke up this morning with a song singing in my head,
I will walk 500 years, I will walk 500 more.
This played over and over in my mind
as I lay there waking up.
I jumped out of bed and after a few minutes in the reading room (bathroom)
I went and walked on my treadmill for an hour,
and it is only 635 am
Thoughts I had on the treadmill
Is it possible I am starting to like this?
Why do we fight so hard at making the right changes?
Why are most people afraid of change?
I have to start a change jar so I can buy new workout clothes,
Why who sees me when I am working out?
Oh yeah me, that's right.
Stand up straighter, shoulders back,
oh yeah that is better!
Dr. Oz said eating beets can increase your libido,
where did that one come from.
I have beets about once a year.
Well there you go I thought.
Note put beets on the list,
Feed beets to husband,
Just saying!
Dog looking at me in disgust,
big brown eyes clearly stating,
get off that thing and take me for a walk like you used to.
Yeah I will do that too.
I like exercising first thing in the morning,
Why did I just think
Yeah right,
I am really starting to!
Life itself is a proper binge.
A quote I read yesterday by Julia Child.
Oh I feel good, like I know that I should yeah.
A little huffing and puffin,
Need to check out gluten free and going vegan,
Hey no barking you silly dog, I about fell off the treadmill.
Oh I feel so good today, alive, happy, loved.
hmmm a little hungry even,
not used to that in the morning,
My body is like a car, needs fuel to go,
starting to over heat,
needs water,
Dawn is down to a size 22, she is doing so well.
Anne is in Arizona, what a great support system I have,
what a wonderful bunch of ladies and some men in there too.
Allan walked over 1300 stairs, amazing. what could I do
maybe 20, note to self, get out stair stepper,
this floor needs to be vacumed, sometime soon.
ten more minutes to go,
raise incline
going to paint today,
whats that saying
Just Do It,
I like that Loretta.
I wonder how many shoes Forest Gump went through?
Yeah feeling a little scattered today,
Take meds and eat breakfast.
Today is gonna be a good good day,
Black Eyed Peas,
Buy Beets,
Wheww, legs a little unsteady and tingly,
First time I ever walked an hour,
Theme from Rocky comes to mind.
Yo Adrian,
Power Down,
I feel good, like I know that I should now.
You know, I know today is going to be my Very Best Day!
Hope you are loving your life, if not it just takes one moment to turn it around.
Thanks for being with me on my walk.


  1. Wow you woke up with a lot of stuff going on. Beets, I like but never noticed a change?? Exercise is tough but necessary the docs tell us :)
    ps. Saw you at Sueanns Journey

  2. Hi Kim, so nice to meet you, yes almost too much going on in my head today. lol....some days I have real trouble due to my Cataplexy. I love the name of your blog. I will be coming to have a visit. oh I so love SueAnn, she is so talented. hugs to you, hope you have a great day.

  3. Arizona and California!
    And yep - we have a great support system!
    I have all the faith and confidence in the world in you, Cinner!
    Life itself is a binge!
    Well said!

  4. You are amazing! Now I have to go exercise myself...You rock Cinner!!


    I love beets!! :-) heehee.
    You continue to inspire me and give me hope. I love you.
    peace..... "hey"

  6. Oh, I love this! Stream of consciousness while you labor. I felt like I was walking with you. The rhythm of it. I feel a bit breathless.

    It's been awhile since I last visited, and you seem so upbeat, and your new blog background all sunny and hopeful. Love that!

    Thank you, and thank you too for dropping by Building Ordinary and leaving a comment. Always gives me a lift to see your name there.

  7. Now, I can't get that song outta my

    Beets huh ? may have to purchase some soon !!

  8. Funny, I love beets but never buy them. That's strange. You'll be happy to know Cinner, I started riding my stationary bike again. I'm doing it for Lent. I know it's not giving something up, well except maybe excuses, but I am hoping that I can make through the whole Lenten season, everyday. Oh BOY!!! Love Di ♥

  9. I invite you to my blog - - I started back in November and invite you to start reading from there. My blog is not a diary format like many are. I think you will find help and many "epiphanies" there. I have been at this for so long and have read so much. I hope that what I have written will speak to you.

  10. I like that quote. How very true. Beet, huh? Ummm, yuck. But I did read a beet smoothie recipe in a magazine today and I'm going to get it to type in just for you, Cinner....BRB.....

    It's called Jeweled Beet Bravado

    In blender, puree 1 cup cooked diced beets (about 4.5 oz), 1/2 cup pomegranate juice cocktail and one 8 oz container vanilla yogurt. Blend until smooth.

    Bonus - the Betaine in beets revitalized the liver, so the organ can burn fat faster (hey, it's a two-fer).

  11. Well, I have noone to use the beets with, so I'll have to file that one for later.

    I'm so happy you're feeling and doing well, Cin! Congrats on the hour walk!

  12. Maria,the hour walk felt really good this morning,...I can hardly move I don't think I will need to eat beets for a while either.Did you have a better day. hugs Maria, your beautiful. love to you.

  13. Darla thanks so much for gettin me the recipe, the beets were good for other stuff too. I will let you know once I Try this. Thanks for visiting.
    hugs my friend.

  14. Hi Downsizers, I will be definately come over and have a look. thanks so much for having a visit. hope to see you again. be well.

  15. Olivia everytime I see your profile pic I think of one of my favorite movies....Gorillas of the mist...I love Gorillas. thanks for rooting me on, I So hope you had a fabulous day.

  16. Diana good for you, how will you find that with the arthritis in the knees. see how it goes. you rule and I mean that.did I ever tell you that you mean the world to me. well you do.

  17. Sweet Pea, Darla sent me a recipe for beet may be a required taste. I will try it one of these day. Sweet Peas are one of my favorite flowers. hugs.

  18. Kathry, you would laugh there is still snow everywhere and I was feeling a little blue about all the snow we have here, and I thought why do I need to have winter pictures on my blog., It is already spring in my heart. so I might be rushing it....I will visit you more often, always amazed at what your doing over there.
    AHugs to you my friend.

  19. Gail, figures you lovebirds would, how is the reconnecting and extra time going. enjoy, enjoy, enjoy each other. did that letter come in the mail yet. If it does I will probably hear a loud scream all the way up here in I am waiting for a loud noise. love you always.

  20. Tabitha, I had a great morning, I think the hour may have been a bit much for me, you never know unless you try., keep going girlfriend....I am going to have to call you little Miss thing soon. lol. god bless.

  21. Anne, happy travels, I am so proud of you for meeting all these bloggers, I think it is fabulous for you and they. thanks for your faith in me. your a dream. hugs.

  22. Love your blog! Wish I could get my exercise out of the way that early in the day! Awesome!

  23. Wow! Congrats on the early morning treadmill. I wish I had that kind of discipline. I am always fighting to get it in at the end of my day.

    Yay! Beets all around. ;-)

  24. ha ha ha Cinner you cracked me up and it is only 10 to 6 in the morning and I want beets ha ha!!!!
    you go girl i love it!!!!

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