Friday, March 11, 2011

What an Opportunity!

What an Opportunity
to live in a world where we are free to make choices.
Choices to choose our destinies,
The choice to do better, be healthier, to be kinder to oneself,
the choice to not self sabotage your goals and your dreams,
the choice to love yourself unconditionally,
What an opportunity we have that we can make the choice
to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle,
Life is not about a one time deal, or a one time chance.
It's like if you try roller skating and you fall,
well you can either stay down or you can get back up.
We have the opportunity of living to our fullest,
the best life right now today.
I am not wasting a moment because I am overweight,
or unhealthy, or short legged, thinning hair,
age spots from the sun,
not one moment will I waste
thinking that when I am thinner
life will be so much more worth living.
You know life is a gift,
we can open the package or wait until some rainy day down the road
when you feel like you want to face things.
My fact is I am obese, I am using every day as an opportunity to change that,
only by loving myself can that happen at least for me.
LIFE is worth fighting for.
That happened to me eight years ago.
Once I got passed being scared for myself,
and over anger that comes along,
In life there are no quick fixes,
we don't wake in the morning
and poof the weight is gone.
But we wake up with the opportunity
to choose and work hard at what we want.
I hope you have a great weekend,
live your very best life right now.
remember you are deserving, beautiful, and right now today
you are perfect. Imagine what you can accomplish by believing in yourself.
The opportunity is ours for the taking.
What a wonderful world
Be well.
Picture above from webster images I believe.
It is not my picture so I take no credit for it.


  1. Beautiful post, Miss Cinner. ! And yes, there is a choice in every moment. I hope you bring yourself to some beautiful places today !
    Much love !

  2. Hey Girl-
    Wow, this post is so full of energy and hope -I am soaring just reading it. Thanks for lifting me up today. I love you.

  3. Super post. Very energy filled. You are such an inspiration. Have a wonderful weekend. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  4. Your posts are the best and especially this one. We are all so lucky and life is full of opportunities. Have a wonderful day, Cinner.

  5. yep that is it grab every moment and run with it as far, as fast, as best you can fantastic.

  6. You are such an inspiration!

  7. It is a wonderful world, and we live in a wonderful country who helps us to make wise choices don't you think. Sending big hugs always.....:-)

  8. Such a lovely post Cinner! So full of tenderness and passion for life!

  9. You are so right! We all need to remember this!!


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