Friday, February 25, 2011

It Erupted and went whizzing past my head.

I had my fair share of water today.
My day started good,
I woke at 9 pm and I could smell fresh perked coffee.
My phone rang and my sister in law was coming over about ten,
great just enough time for me to straighten things a bit.
I had my coffee which was the last in the pot.
I always enjoy my morning coffee,
then I went to put on a new pot so it would be ready when SIL
came to visit.,
and that is when my plans for the day blew up so to speak.
I turned the cold tap, I turned the hot tap and I felt it sllip as I turned it.
And there she blew, the hot water tap blew off hit my cupboards,
the tap fell somewhere and water shot out of my tap
spraying everywhere. keep this in mind about 3 inches around
with the force of  volcano. I tried to put a pot over the water
so that at least the water would go into the sink,
by this time I had about two inches of water everywhere..
the pot was not working so I got a great big towel
and then set a big painted rock on top of it.
Great it was going in the sink.
Now I know you are thinking well just shut off the hot water valves.
I can not get to them because they are in the crawl space,
and the trap door is too heavy for me to lift.
The sink was almost full, I got a bucket and started draining into the bathtub.
as soon as things seemed under control in the sink,
I called my husband at work.
I say Honey the hot water tap in the kitchen blew off,
He laughs and says, yeah right,
I think to myself are you kidding me.
I said I am serious and there is water everywhere.
Ok he says I will be there soon
It took him 45 minutes to show up from work,
He comes in and says did you lock up the cat,
what, well he needed to get into the crawl space and the cat tries to sneak down thee.
I say no I have not had a chance to catch the cat between buckets of water.
So he goes down stairs shuts off the water and then says are you okay,
Sure I am fine I say. I swear in the back porch I had freezing water back there,
my windows were so steamed up, my house felt like a sauna, looked like an ice rink and
a swimming pool.
Yes I am just peachy keen.
So he proceeds to fix it, which he had already done last Saturday,
and he says well that should hold it, should hold it,
I need a definate/////will hold it.
Okay honey I gotta go he says,
I kissed him goodbye and thanked him for saving the day.
As soon as he was out the door I headed for the fridge,
and stood there looking and thought why are you here,
what are you looking for.
I just wanted to eat something to feel better,
which I knew would make me feel worse.
So instead I grabbed some cold water,
sat on the couch, deep breathed and fell asleep
after two hours I woke and stood up and felt like I could hardly move.
I figure I lifted about 90 buckets of water
well it was one way to get a workout,
and I thought about water most of the day,
so I drank way over my 8 glasses.
Tomorrow I will finish washing all the towels and blankets
I used to sop things up with.
Progress today was if this would have happened a year ago,
I would have been startled and the Cataplexy would have caused me
to fall and not be able to move. there could have been some serious damage,
and maybe I would have burnt myself.

So looking at the positive
I got to see my hubby a few moment in the day,
I got my floors washed., I got some exercise,
and now I have a reason to surf the net
for new taps and a new sink.
and I did not overeat.
Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow
and I don't mean water.
So how was your day?


  1. Now THAT is what I call having a positive attitude...well done for your amazing ability to see the positives in what would have been to many a total disaster.
    I would have cried!
    Even more brilliant NOT to head straight for comfort food. Well Done!

  2. Cinner! What a nightmare!
    Glad you held it together.
    That makes you Queen for the Day!
    One day, you will look back on this and laugh!

  3. Oh Cinner, what a crazy thing. A lot of people would be so mad or cry or do something. You are so in control of your emotions. Talk about a NSV. My husband is like you and I love him for that. Hope the rest of the day and the weekend is ultra-peaceful for you.

  4. You are amazing.....and yeah for you for handling it with the grace you did. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  5. I know you probably won't appreciate this comment but your story provided me with some amusement on this bleak afternoon! I don't mean to chuckle at your misfortune but can't you see the humour in it? BUT ... even better than the story itself is the morale of the story, which I LOVE! I went to grab a snack as I started reading it so HORRAY for you ... you did AMAZING!

  6. Lisa I did see the humor in it, not so much today as I am doing all the twowels, rugs, gives me a good reason not to do the dishes. lol. hugs.

  7. I'm sorry Cinner but this made me laugh! Almost the exact same thing happened to me years ago when my two oldest were still living at home. I started screaming and my son was laughing his butt off at me!
    Anyway it sounds like you got everything under control and turned a disaster into a positive note! God Bless You!! Love Di ♥

  8. I would have cried for sure so you handled it better then I ever could have.

    Cinner, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a good friend. Your comments always make me smile and a little less alone in the world and I wanted you to know how much it means to me that you take the time to say such touching things. You are an angel :) and I am glad to have found you here in the big ole blogosphere.

  9. Oh my, I didn't even know anything like that was possible. It's so nice that you can look at the silver lining. So glad that you didn't get hurt.


  10. Well I am definitely glad you were able to contain the situation without harm to yourself, but GAH what a situation!

  11. Bless your heart! What a horrible experience. I am so glad you are seeing the positive, that things did turn out well and that you are ok.

  12. i love that you see so much positive in this you amaze me again
    hugs to you and i am very happy you weren't hurt in all of the chaos

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    hope you have a great 2011. Thanks for the link, sweetie!
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