Saturday, February 26, 2011

We almost needed Snow Shoes To Get Around!

We went to this park 
the other day
There was no one else in sight.
It really was beautiful,
The white of the snow made it exceedingly bright.
There was no laughter of children,
no one was showing off.
The playground was twisted metal,
so cold, calling to the children.
calling but unheard.
The wind was ripping around our faces
telling us it was time to go.
We held hands as we walked back to the truck,
laughing as we were all bundled up.
We talked about how beautiful life can be,
there is so much splendor all around.
we did talk about the snow melting,
and a green grass will grace the path beneath our feet.
We enjoyed our walk, felt rejeuvenated  and alive,
we got some exercise and were able to enjoy some time outside.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
make good choices, act like a kid,
laugh until your belly hurts,
turn your music up and dance,
and sing and smile
and love
be you.
Unique, Beautiful,
Determined, full of will power,
King or Queen of
your Universe.
Love yourself.


  1. I designate today...Cinner is Queen for the day!!! Yes!!!
    Loved the outing...I enjoyed the walk with you! Sunny here but not warm. Very windy...but so beautiful, crisp and clean!!
    Hugging you

  2. Here's to love and the simple graces of life! Yay for you and hubby too, Miss Cinner !

  3. Lovely snowy walk with you. Thanks. Our snow is long gone. But the windy season has started but that has good points too. The pollution is blown away and the area is bright and clear and the sun is especially bright. Hope you have a lovely weekend as well. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  4. I do like walking in the winter, I didn't think that there wee many people that did. Have a great weekend Cinner! Love Di ♥

  5. Oh cinner, I have just come in from picking up a coffee at Tim's (watching the curling) and it is cold, snowing and the wind is brutal. I need some of your positive attitude as this winter has been far to cold and long for me. Love ya, xo

  6. this post was fun....felt freeing as I read it....your words...the best...have an awesome weekend.

  7. I'm not sure I could keep such a positive attitude if I lived up where it snows like that. The one winter I lived in a snowy place was enough for me. couldn't wait to get back down south. Of course if had owned the proper clothing it might have been different.

    What font is this? I've seen it on a couple of other blogs.

  8. I suggest Atlas brand snowshoes. I have had mine for around 8 years. They are suited for up to 260# yet do well over that since 260# is a pipe dream for me, LOL.

  9. thank you so much ~ an uplifting post indeed!

    happiness to you ~

  10. Such a beautiful post filled with the important things in life.

  11. brave girl out there in the snow i bet it was wonderful

  12. Hi Cinner, I sure hope it warms up in your part of the world-- That sounds like a very cold walk but a fun one.
    Happy Sunday, jj

  13. Hi Joanna, even if it does not warm up for a while, in my mind once March starts then I know it is close, so should be some nice days ahead. i have to come visit, we have been so busy with plumbing problems, hopefully things are fixed now. toes and fingers crossed. think of you often.. hugs. c

  14. Kim it was fun....I do admit Spring in a few months is sounding really good at this point.,will be by to visit soon, hugs to you.

  15. Prairie Girl and Mina, thank you for nice things about my blog. it means a
    lot. have a great week ahead. will be by to visit and catch up.

  16. cc thanks for the information on the snow shoes. talk about pipe dreams. I am nowhere near the 260 either....what did I hear I am the right weight if I were 7 feet, I am only 5 2, thanks for visiting it means alot. have a great week ahead...

  17. Ellen, the font is called Calligraffetti, go into design, into advanced and then into is about the fifth or sixth down. I really like it. It is one of the new ones they just the snow you definately need the right clothes. I think I am in desperate need for some sun , be well. hugs.

  18. Sarah, glad you popped by...yes freezing comes to mind for sure, but you know if your dressed up in all the garb, then it is not bad at once or if, I will be by to catch up on some posts. love to you. big hugs.

  19. Bernie, that is what I need is a Tims, it is getting pretty long, today the wind is blowing and cold. stay inside my soon as it turns to March I always feel better. sometimes there is no change in the weather but a new month always gets us closer to being outside. love ya Bernie. hope you are well.

  20. Hi Diana , I like the fresh air, can take that any time of the year. it was mainly just something to do. it was fun remembering moments in the school yard many moons ago. Hope you are feeling good. lots of love and hugs to you my friend.

  21. Linda, it just sounds lovely there, pollution blown away and snow long gone, you got me hook line and sinker with that description. how are you doing and feeling. I am coming to check on ya asap. hugs to you.

  22. Kim you really have a way with words.
    I hope you have been getting lots of sun and that you are feeling wonderful. hugs my friend.

  23. SueAnn, how kind Queen for a day, something got sidetracked and I felt like servant and cleaning lady for the maybe I am being too dramatic. your description sounds beautiful. hugs to you,. be by asap. love c


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