Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Focus on Progress Not Perfection.......

This morning on  Patricks blog he said Focus on Progress not Perfection,
and I actually breathed a sigh of relief and thought why have I been feeling like I have to be perfect and I in a way was starting to find my blog almost stressful. I started my Blog to talk about how immobile I had become with my illness and that I was starting a new healthy lifestyle.
I did not call it a diet. I just want to be healthy.Somewhere lately it has become about numbers and that is not what is important for me, so I thank Patrick for giving me a reminder that I needed.
the following is an article from ezinearticles by Janet Bruce.

As a life coach I have the ability to not only help my clients but learn from them as well. One very important lesson I've learned is that seeking perfection is a roadblock to success. Why do we have such an obsession in this country with being perfect? Whether it's having the perfect body, perfect home, perfect kids, or perfect plans, our obsession with this impossible goal is ruining our collective lives. When setting goals, you can be sure your quest for perfection in achieving them will stop you in your tracks every time. Better to focus on progress rather than perfection.
For example, let's say you've set a goal this year to lose ten pounds. And you know in order to reach that goal you will have to change the way you eat, move and think about your health. Someone obsessed with being perfect will get caught up in all the things they are doing wrong instead of concentrating on all the things they are doing right. This is the number one deadly mistake people make when setting and achieving goals. When you find yourself getting caught up in all of the "wrong" you're doing, get in the habit of instantly recognizing a "right" that you're doing as well. For example:
Wrong: "Nice, I can't even walk around the block without getting winded."
Right: "I'm walking instead of eating a tub of rice pudding and watching Judge Judy like I really want to do.
Wrong: "Why didn't I order it on whole wheat? I know I'm not supposed to eat white foods. Might as well get the fries now too, idiot."
Right: "I did four and a half sit-ups this morning."
Perfection can never be reached by any living thing because perfection is a state of going no further, and life and all that's living it is, by nature, an act of creation, which has no stillness. Perfection, in essence, is exclaiming to the world, "There! I'm done. There's nothing left to become." Focusing on the progress you're making instead of being perfect will keep you motivated and allow you to make the necessary changes in your actions to achieve even better, faster results.
Janet has traveled all over the country and world in an effort to find ways to better herself and help others. It is through setting and achieving goals that she has gained personal strength and a resolve to never give up the good fight.
So my reminder today is to Don't Beat Yourself Up,
every bit of progress is wonderful and life changing,
And why try to be Perfect 
When You Are Already Outstanding!
Hope you have the best Day Ever.
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Take care, Cinner


  1. Wonderful way to live all the time Cinner!
    I would open a can of whip-@ss on anyone who talked that way to you! Too harsh!
    Being kind (to ourselves) is the best way. It really is all good!

  2. This is really good thinking...We try and sometimes fail and one reason for finding things hard going is the high expectations we set ourselves and what can be higher as an expectation than perfection. Its an impossible goal.
    Great thinking

  3. Progress not Perfection is a great motto. After all, who is perfect? The most perfect people I know are frozen in fear to do anything since it may not be perfect. If you are living life you are always assessing and reassessing your long as there is progress, there is life.

  4. I was just sitting here procrastinating about going out for a walk with my sweet, oh so patient dog, knowing that that is what will make me feel good but fighting myself every step of the way...
    It has to be about not beating myself up anymore. I have done that for too long...
    Who cares about perfection ? Let's just keep moving forward...
    Thank you for this inspiration today, Lovely One. It means more than you could know. You make a difference in this world, Cinner, and in my little piece of it.
    Off to walk....
    Big Love !

  5. Great message cinner, I know when I was younger I had to have the cleanest house, be the best wife and mother just everything had to be perfect, didn't take me long to realize that nothing was perfect so I just settled to do my best and that worked. Have a great day my friend....:-)Hugs

  6. Ms. Cinner, you are a peach. Everytime I come and read what you are thinking, doing, attempting, getting done, it makes me happy for you because you just keep on trying and that is the best.
    And dear one so are you the best. Great posting, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  7. Oh, this is so true and yet, I am having trouble believe it about myself...I've been on my diet since August and made alot of progress, but it's this next 16 pounds that's the hardest...I am sticking to it no matter what!

    You are such an inspiration, Cinner.

  8. Thanks for your visit at sixtyfivewhatnow. This post is upbeat and inspirational. Go Girl!

  9. Much truth in this blog, Cinner! America is kinda uptight when you look at some of our European neighbors. Let's laugh, and love. Life is too short. ((hugs))


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