Sunday, December 12, 2010

Helping Hands!

Sometimes we really need a hand,
to stay on track, for encouragement,
for a slap on the back, to be given a push,
to be helped  when we are  down,
sometimes to point a finger,
and say come on what gives.
to help us back up when we fall.
And sometimes those hands can be raised in the air,
questioning your choices
with the best intentions in minds.
The hands above are a picture of hard working hands
that stick to their course every day,
They are dedicated hands,
and they make me want to succeed.
Everything in life takes hard work,
commitment, dedication, and keeping your goals in the forefront
every day.
Thank you to everyone that left me comments,
I am sorry I did not respond to them individually
Have Your Best Day Ever


  1. Beautiful template! :) Artistic one!
    I liked the poem very much especially the line 'to be helped when we are down'. :)

    Best wishes. :)

  2. Beautiful template. :) Artistic one! :)
    I liked the poem very much especially the line 'to be helped when we are down'.

    Best wishes. :)

  3. I too like your template!! Yes..we all need helping hands! To make it through this life...on the crooked road we journey on. Sometimes it gets scary and lonely...having an extra hand makes all the difference.
    Well said Cinner!

  4. Just a quick note before heading off to church this morning, Cinner. You aren't that far behind me. You'll be hitting the 270s in no time! For that lentil salad, after you cut the roast into julienne-like strips, then you want to cut them crosswise into smaller pieces (I'd go about 1/4") I need to make that adjustment/explanation. Things don't always translate well. LOL Thanks for your words of encouragement, always! And I love your post's message today. Folded hands & happy thoughts! xx

  5. Ahhhh, the roller coaster of life, as I like to call it! The ups and downs, drops and curves! We all need help every now and again and please accept my cyber-hand, extending out to you, in times of need. Let today be a great day! xox

  6. what would we do with out our wonderful hands and those of others. Lovely, like a poem.

  7. Good post Cinner..when i think of hands, i think of how much i enjoy holding my husbands hand, and how when we where young it was romantic and care free hand holding and now we use our hands to help each other get around. I also love to see a childs hands folded in prayer. I hope you can envision my hand giving you a thumbs up for all your heard work at losing weight. Dee

  8. Such a pretty Christmassy wallpaper. Cinner I think you are a wonderful lady who is doing her best to get healthy. You always show such respect and encouragement for others, you are loved my friend.....:-)Hugs


    yes, helping hands - I do have to push aside and away some bad images of past experiences and only see my husbands beautiful hands that play guitar, piano and me so gently, beautifully, and lovingly. Amen

    Love to you girl "hey"
    peace and hope,....

  10. My hands are giving you a double high five Cinner. Keep up the great attitude and good work.

  11. Beautifully written, Cinner!
    Knuckle -bump AND a high five!

  12. We are all in this together at the same time as we make our own special journey. Helping hands are what it is all about - loving and supposrting one anothe r through the ups and downs of this beautiful, bittersweet life.
    Love to you, Traveling One !

  13. Kim, love and supporting is a lovely thing, hope you have a great week.

    Anne, I love you in the hat, knuckle bump and a high five back. hugs.

    Joanna, your awesome my friend. and a high five back to you. hugs, have a great week.

  14. Gail that is beautiful how you put that you know.
    years ago I had a french boyfriend. I did not understand much french but I sure love how he played his guitar. I could listen to him for hours. He had a motorcycle you reminded me of this. the guitar, the piano....I think are so romantic. love you girl hey.

  15. Bernie, you are so kind, love and respect....I sometimes think it is so lacking, but you know I still try to be kind to people that can annoy me.
    example....I was looking for the part for my treadmill....and a fellow at the service desk said to me, well you don't really look like you were using it know my sense of humor...I wanted to say....Look you little munchkin that is because I have been busy kicking rude behinds.....thats what I thought....but I said...Well dear I certainly would not be the right candidate for an advertisement right now, but can you imagine if you had the part what I could do in a year, and I could say that nice young man at .......helped me get the right part.....his attitude seemed to change....we would have never gotten away with bad manners....but then I think well we all make mistakes...and maybe he was having a bad day...I was not going to let him ruin my p.S. they did not have the part. ahhhhhhhh! have a great week. hugs.

  16. Dee there is so much truth to your comment, to me nothing is more beautiful than seeing couples holding hands especially as they age. you know they have gone through ups and downs but that there love has stayed strong....I feel the same way about my husband, how those hands have helped me many times eswpecially when I was having Severe Cataplexy attacks. lately I keep dreaming about my dads hands, while all our family would be sitting at the table. I can hear all our voices and his hands....odd I need to look up what that means...probably just that I miss him....have a great week Dee, thanks for all your visits.

  17. Tammie, that is much we take them for granted. I was not even thinking what I would do without them...We are blessed. hugs.

  18. Lisa, thank you I accept your cyberhand. Would not the world be a wonderful place if it were that easy in life....funny thing is it is. have a great week. take care.

  19. Ann, folded hands at church in prayer, thats what I thought of as soon as I read your comment...Not to worry about directions. Sometimes I reread my posts and I think how is anyone going to understand that.....especially if I have written when I am tired..... soon the 270s, fingers crossed, hugs.

  20. SueAnn, yes a helping hand sure comes in know I think I need two this season to come in and do fall cleaning, now I mean winter cleaning, well maybe spring hugs to you.

  21. Chandrika, thank you...yes we all need a helping hand at sometimes in our lives. I don't know what I would do without the ones of friends. thanks for visiting. take care. hugs.

  22. Cindy, I love the picture and what you wrote about the hands! Just today I was thinking about you and your Cataplexy ... it's hard to even imagine what it must be for you and I so admire how decided you are to make your self healthier!
    I have come across an interview today from a Buddhist lady who is living with chronical illness and how she did learn to make the best out of it - if you would be interested I can send you the link, just drop me mail ... big hugs!!

  23. Thank you for showing hands that work and work hard. Our culture is obsessed with beauty, but the greatest beauty is so often for me in something much like these hands and your words.


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