Monday, November 29, 2010

It is a Touchdown!

What a wonderful weekend we had here,
the weather was warmer,
you could walk outside,
you know it is warm when my dog won't come in.
There was huge excitement in town with The Grey Cup
and at half time they had 
Bachman Turner Overdrive playing,
Oh the excitement there and I knew all the songs.
and yes we got up and danced.
During the game ,
things were getting exciting
and I was going get it,
meaning the football.
I actually surprised myself at how much I was into the game,
So when I said Get it,
the dog took off after the cat and all havoc broke out.
And that set me off into my Cataplexy episodes,
and my team lost, I am born and raised in Saskatchewan
so it was Roughriders all the way.
I think Montreal did an awesome job,
and if you want something you just gotta keep trying hard 
and keep your goal in mind.
stay focused, Be strong,
Be in control, Be dedicated,
And go for it.
So lets have a huddle group
arrgh, arrgh,
low carbs, lots of water, we gotta move,
self love baby, it's our day, and  we are 
gonna win.
Before you  know it we will be at our first down,
bending, stretching, running,
the ball is in our hands
The supporters go wild,
and you are looking mighty fine,
a winner.
Lets celebrate.
What will you treat yourself too.
When I lose another twenty pounds,
I am going to get French Nails!
What are you planning,
Have a great  Monday!
Life is fabulous 
when we know
we can make anything happen.
Hard work,
and putting you first.
The cat is in hiding, and the dog is grounded!


  1. Wow! French nails AND all that!
    Sounds like a great time you had!

  2. I am with you all the way!!! Go team go!!! When I lose 40 pounds I am going to have plastic surgery!! Woot!!!!!!

  3. I love the picture of the dog!!! :-) good for you Cinner, go ahead, you can do it!!! big hugs!!


    I am cheering,pom poms and all!! :-) Have a beautiful Monday - and go easy on your dog
    Love you "hey"

  5. Yay for Cinner.....still on course. Hey, I'm glad you grounded the dog. Maybe next time he'll think before...........oh to the cat.
    Sorry you had a spell. But you're definately on the right road my dear. Have a super week. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  6. Great goal! I've actually selected a chair that I want to purchase if I can drop 20 pounds!

  7. That is so funny! And I love BTO. And I've always wanted to go visit Saskatoon! I must start working on my weight, I've gained and it's frustrating as heck. It seems that I always gain a few pounds every winter, like an animal! Thanks for the kick in the butt! Love Di ♥

  8. Your closing line is priceless :-)
    Sorry your team didn't win but YOU are. Keep up the good work.
    xo jj

  9. BTO? Wow, I bought one of their albums when I was about 10! They were (are?) great!

  10. Bachman Turner Overdrive, i used to spend hours with BTO burning up my walkman. Hats of to you and those 20 pounds you are about to lose.

  11. Hi Patrick, thanks for visiting, I am really bad at remembering names of bands so when they were playing I was like I knew everyone of them, that is so me. I remember once being asked to go to a George Thorogood concert, I said no I don't really know his music, then realized I was listening to it at home....then had to listen to my friends about what a great concert that was. thanks so much for your encouragement. take care. nice to meet you.

    Rock Chef, yes they were and are great...I am thinking of getting their new release, hinting to hub for Christmas...he is a country fan so will see. lol.

    Joanna, thanks it takes more than a loss for me not to be a riders fan, even though I live in Edmonton....shhh, don't tell hope you are well. by to visit soon.

  12. Diana, another BTO lover, yeah...we could have our own fan club. sorry about your weight gain, maybe its because you just had your big Thanksgiving, one day at a time. It is all about choices. the winter is definately harder, just do the best you can, that is what I keep telling myself. hugs.

  13. Lisa , good luck with your goal, if it is that chair your husband surprised you with a pre christmas gift. I love it...I would shrink just to have it...or snap my fingers. lol. magic. have a great day.

  14. Linda, the cat and dog are usually pretty good pals, but has sure taken a dislike to the cat as of late. I can't even say anything to the cat when the dog is in the house. They probably hate each other in the summer but I just don't notice it as much. hope things are going great with you. by to see you. take care.

  15. Gail. I bet you are the cutest pom pom holder for sure. Gail can you email me your phone number and address I got a new book and need it up to date, and so I can call my American sister and see how your doing. thanks friend. hugs.

  16. Hi Birdie, thanks he is my baby, I know I sound like a crazy dog lady. I have been home so much he follows me everywhere and can't believe when I leave him for a few hours....or so I think, who knows he probably thinks thank goodness she is gone so I can get up on the couch. lol. hugs.

  17. SueAnn, good for you, that will make it 200 pounds right.....I know you already feel like a new me, I am curious what you are having done. and I have a few questions for you hon. hugs.

  18. Anne, French nails, yeah I think so, although come spring once I get into my garden they may not work out so well. have a great week. think of you often. hugs.

  19. If I can lose 20 lbs and hopefully more....I will get a pair of pants that does not have an elastic waist band. :) I am cheering you on and still find encouragement visiting you.

  20. Dee that is always nice to hear. I think elastic pants are the reason I gained weight in the first place, that and black leggings when they were the rage, I think they might be in again. I am not sure. lol. glad you still find it encouraging! Keep your chin up. hugs.

  21. Getting the french nails is a great idea...but why wait till you lose the 20 lbs. Having beautiful sculpted nails might be insentive to keep going...sorry, I'm all about the immediate gratification! I want me some French nails too now!

  22. Sandra, I was thinking about that too. you know I really feel like I have lost 20 pounds when I have them...just the look of longer sleeker hands. Thanks for the encouragement. When I go to my sisters I am going to get them done. I don't get out much with my Cataplexy. I always feel safe with her. It will be done before Christmas. How about you! have a great day. hugs.

  23. i lost 11 pounds in two months and yes it does feel great!


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