Friday, November 26, 2010

Someone was listening!

So picture this,
today was plus 3,
can you believe this,
on Tuesday it was minus 46 with the windchill,
so I turned up my music and today I danced,
and yes like nobody was watching,
on a sunny afternoon,
and I am happy.
very, very
still working on fixing Mr. Musta,
still drinking water, have to increase because of cramps in my legs,
portion control is the key, especially this time of year,
my cough is still hanging on, but the cold is gone,
now if I could only have a solid 
nights sleep.
Have a great weekend,
the above picture
was drawn by my nephew
and I just love it,
thats exactly how my trees look.
Naked and pretty as a picture.
Be well.


  1. Very nice card, Cinner!
    And wow - that's cold.
    But "cold" and "Canada" seem to go together somehow.
    Except, of course, in our hearts!!


    beautiful drawing by your nephew. :-)
    keep on dancing girl!!

    love you

  3. What a beautiful drawing! Love the atmosphere he created!!
    It has been pretty cold here too but I've been dancing as well. And shopping...what fun!

  4. Cinner, it's really a wonderful picture. I think your nephew has lots of potential there!! Minus 46 - omg I feel quite warm having our zero degrees around just hearing that ... we have such a lovely day here, lots of sun, I believe for some reasons this is the best months of November I ever lived. I don't know why, but it feels that way :-) so sharing all the good vibes from this lovely afternoon to you!!! hope your night sleep can improve! big hugs and love!

  5. did you say -46???? yikes...How can you even go outside in the kind of cold???? I love the part of you dancing....and the sun....and your sweet spirit... The photo is beautiful....makes me want to crawl inside it and try to catch the snowflakes. Hugs to you

  6. Love the picture your nephew drew! Congrats on your weight loss!

  7. Isn't it wonderful, dancing like no one is watching? Feels so good. And I love the picture; it's quite beautiful.

  8. Erin, it is fabulous and I even left my curtains open, lol. the sun was shining. He did a really good job on the picture, I have a couple others of his too. hope your having a good weekend. grey cup tomorrow, so there won't be no work done here. hugs.

    Gayle, thanks so much, if I can get through this month I will be fine...hope you are well, I will come visit soon. Your grandson is such the perfect age for Christmas. you will have so much fun. take care, think of you often.

    Sarah, you made me yes it was minus do not go out unless you have thing they say about our province wait five minutes and the weather will change, and when it does warm up, we are so happy. I still like to walk on a cold day, just not that cold. thank you for your kind comments. you have a special place in my heart and all the work you do. hugs to you.

  9. Birdie, that just sounds wonderful. I love it when you get that feeling when it just feels right. I hope the year continues to feel that way for you.
    If my Dad were still alive, I would hear about walking to school through the snow both ways.....I am saying this lovingly...I think of that often how cold it must have been, that was before they had vehicles. lol. glad you are doing so good. your son would be such a treat to have around at Christmas, just the perfect age.
    hugs and love.

  10. SueAnn, I am so glad you are the shopper, I used to be but not anymore, so the idea of venturer out anywhere on Black Friday would scare me right back into the nearest little igloo I could find. lol.
    Glad your dancing too, you make me smile. Much love. c

  11. Gail, how are you, I will keep dancing, oh now you made me think of you and Skipp dancing as you described it in one of your posts. I hope you are feeling well, and one of these days I am going to make that phone call, seems every time I think about it, it is Tuesday or Wednesday, if I get a good night sleep then I will remember things. yeah. love to you. glad you had such a lovely Thanksgiving. hugs.

    Anne, you are so right cold and Canada go figure. and you know it really is not that bad, poor me not working and having to stay in the I should not complain at all. As my best friend says, Just suck it up hope you are well. I still keep thinking about those jeans you showed on your are an awesome example of everything.. hugs.

  12. Isaiah did quite a job on that tree, I thought it was a work of art! I sure hope you get Mr.Musta fixed soon. Leg cramps are horrible! But good to hear your cold left! Stay warm and strong! Dancing will keep you warm ya know! Love Di ♥

  13. My boyfriend pointed out that over the course of a week we went through over 60 degrees of temperature change. What a relief those above zeros were indeed!

  14. Hey ... just wanted you to know that I really love your blog! So glad you found me! You're very inspiring ... you go GIRL!

  15. Those cold temperatures are why I live in Southern California. They would be the and of me.
    Glad your cold has moved on. Good luck with Mr. Musta.
    xo jj

  16. Clearly your nephew is quite the artist!

  17. Dear Cinner,

    Where do I start? I've been wanting to come over here for a visit for a long time glad I'm here now. First, I love the way you write--so honest & real. Second, I really love the picture your nephew drew-so soft and pretty.

    And I love that you danced like no one was watching, in the middle of a sunny afternoon when it was, burrrrrr, freezing outside. And I love that you are "very very happy." I feel happy just reading about you & your dancing & joy.

    Thank you for continuing to stop by my blog and for leaving your sweet words of support. It means so much.

    Sending a ton of love your way on this almost December day. xo


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