Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Options, Dieticians and Journalling...

Hi to All.
I had quite a successful day yesterday,
I am on this weight wise program,
that is a pre screening for 
Gastric Bypass.
I have been on the list for almost two years
and I called yesterday out of curiosity to see when or if I am getting close.
After a couple of hours I found out that my Consultation will be sometime
in April but they are not making any more appointments until January.
So I know I am getting closer, and I will not make a decision 
until after the consultation. 
After finding that out, I then called back and asked if I could speak to one of the Dieticians,
she was so kind, I was on the phone with her over an hour.
She talked to me about the importance of writing everything down in a journal,
so that I can recognize problem times, 
areas of improvement, and the Consultation with the Surgeons will want to see this too.
I told her What I was Doing and told her about my blog and the support system.
She was thrilled with what I am doing, She told me to call her anytime.
She also asked me about Cataplexy as she had never heard of it.
I have know very few people that have known about it.
My point for starting both of my blogs was to make people aware of others,
that sometimes what you think is wrong is not.
Sadly some people I have encountered have thought I was drunk
because you lose muscle paralysis and you can fall to the floor,
you can hear people asking if your okay, or saying I think she may have been drinking,
and you lay there thinking, hey Laaaady, I have not had a drink, and I will be okay
in just a minute or so. That does get annoying sometimes.
So it was nice the dietician was so interested,
anyway last night I made a journal form that I will follow and see how it works.
I will be trying to have my largest meal at noon as well, seems I was eating too much at supper time.
so thats where I am at today.
Hope you are all well,
Right now is the best time to keep going.
if you have extra time please visit my other blogs post for today.
Thank you so much,
Take care!


  1. I've never heard of 'weight wise'! That is very supportive to have a dietician spend that much time on the phone with you. Sometimes it feels as though the professionals are just shuffling us through whatever system we're in. You are doing so amazing and you are so inspirational! The chair you saw on my blog is one of two. The second is the one I hope to reward myself with if I can drop the 20 pounds. So far, I'm not doing great but it is a difficult time of year.

  2. Hi Cinner girl! I am glad you were able to talk to the dietician. Wish all people in the medical field were like her.

    You asked me the other day what I am doing about my upper arms. I have been doing the rowing machine at the gym and also using evil rubber (resistance bands)

  3. Oh cinner I know you will speak with professionals, do research and really think this decision through. It is your body and your choice and I will pray for you sweetie that you will be guided by only the best of the best. Luv ya

  4. Good luck on your journey, Cinner. Husband and I have been eating our main meal of the day for 10 years now. Take care.

  5. Hi Cinner,
    I have heard of Cataplexy before but didn't understand all of the symptoms until I read your blog. My pastors wife just had Gastric Bypass surgery and is doing well now after some complications. The lady that I clean for had a lap band and has lost over 100 pounds! I wish you well when your time comes for the surgery.But for now you are just a wonderful inspiration to me!!
    Love Di ♥

  6. Writing down what you eat is a great idea! It really helps!

  7. It has been almost two years since my gastric bypass and I am so glad that I did it!! I wish I would have done it 10 years ago...but I just wasn't mentally ready. So it's all good now!
    I write down everything I eat and also how much I exercise. I use the site... With it you can journal your food and exercise. It is great!! And if you have a iphone or a blackberry you can download their app for free and keep track while you are on the go.
    I have a Droid so they don't have the app for that phone yet. But they will!
    Good luck sweetie!!!


    I will pray that you are guided in the right and best way for YOU.
    Love you girl

  9. Cinner, these are such a wonderful news!!! I completely trust that you will take the best decision for you! You are doing great, you can really be proud of yourself, yes you can! big big hugs!!


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