Monday, November 1, 2010

Decluttering My Vocabulary!

Well I made it through Halloween with not even a treat,
I am impressed and so was the last child that got all the remaining goodies,
He looked at his Mom and raised his eyebrows,
I said Gee I am sorry all I have left is chocolate,
and he said Oh that would be just fine with him.
His Mom and I looked at each other and smiled.
I have decided next year I am going to get healthier treats,
They will probably egg my house. lol.
So November is here, the trees are bare
and the first snow fall has finally melted,
I love November and I love that you always get these new starts
at the beginning of the month.
This month I am going to do something else.
I am doing some decluttering in my house, my soul,
and I have decided to declutter some useless words to me.
The word Normal, kicked to the curb, tossed out with the garbage,
I don't think there is such a thing and I heard the saying on my photo 
from someone and I forget whom, but why does everyone want to be normal,
maybe not everyone, but I know I sure tried for a long time.
So instead of striving to be normal,
I am gong to strive to be extraordinary,
think of the possibilities one can open up just by changing one word.
The second word is Failure or Failed, those are being kicked to the curb too.
I am not looking back on any past mistakes or attempts at weight loss,
I just know this is going to be a success and to be successful you have to be a believer.
The third word Tomorrow, Fourth word Yesterday, there gone too to the curb.
I am going to live each day to the fullest, live in the now, be present, live today
So I will see what other words I don't need,
and I will put them on my sidebar.
Are there words in your life that should be tossed out for now.
I would love to hear about it. have a extraordinary day,May you be successful and believe in yourself.
Take care,


  1. Your post is so positive, Cinner...what a good place to be! Ones attitude and outlook make the difference in anything.

    Have a great November!

  2. Wow!!! See!! I told you that you are an encourager to me. Thank you, my friend....
    A beautiful post......absolutely.

  3. You feel really strong, Cinner ! It is extraordinary to witness someone gaining strength as you have been. I admire it and feel inspired by it to stand up and be my extraordinary self too !
    Here's to an awesome November ! Cheers, my Friend !

  4. Those are perfect words to throw away!!! I'm getting rid of "I can't" even if it kills me, LOL!! I'll get it done! Love Di ♥

  5. HI LOVE_

    WOW, you are on fire girl. :-) And I love it. I am so inspired by your intentions -
    November is a good month - say a lil prayer for me - I have my physical tomorrow - stem to stern so t speak :-) I always get so nervous.

    Love you so muuc

  6. Gail, good luck, I will be thinking about you, hopefully good news for you all around, drs make me nervous too, just remember they put their pants on the same as we do. I think your more nervous until you get your results. please let me know, hugs dear one.

  7. Hey sweet lady....directed, yep that's what and where you are. I am so happy for you.
    BTW, wanted to let you know I have honored you with an award. Come check out my bloggie, The Olde Bagg

  8. You sound it, love you...Hugs

  9. I am happy for you to get through is harder than Easter. :)

  10. Apples. I bought a couple of cases of the prettiest apples I could find and gave them out one year. They weren't a big hit, but they were juicy and good, so maybe the children enjoyed them.

    I have had to learn to embrace failure, having experienced a lot of it. Fortunately, I learned from a wise man years ago that the most successful people have failed more in their lifetime than most people. Statistically. They take risks. They don't stop just because they failed. They learn from it. LEARN! Then they start again, using what they learned.

    Can't is a word I avoid. It's too late. I'm too old There isn't enough (fill in the blank).


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