Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Whats Your Wonderful?

I hope today you get a chance to do
something wonderful I would love to hear from you.
What will you do today to have your best day ever.
Be and live healthy!


  1. A wonderful day to you, too!
    Mine will be just another work-a-day.
    But that's wonderful, in its own way.

  2. Today is a day I hope I am breathing better...then it will truly be a wonderful day!!!
    The best day ever is that I am breathing better and I get some art accomplished. Woot!!
    Loving you

  3. Create some mail art for various friends and anticipate some for myself, plus walk in the woods.

  4. After work, the hubby and I will bundle up (it is in the single digits Celsius here today and head to the beach together to gather some rocks for the rock fairy. We will also bring the sweet Yellow Lab Chica who loves the beach very much and throw the ball for her until she is completely worn out or until my arm gives out which is usually about the same time ! Being outside at the ocean, even in the cold, is my WONDERFUL!
    Hope your day is wonderful, Lovely Cinner !


    I love that you are planning wonderful days and inspiring others, like me, to do the same. :-)
    I will be outside today with Skipp helping to gather kindling wood and savoring the crisp Autumn air a best I can manage given my knee and so forth. I made it through my physical and I am okay with a few minor adjustments. phew. I am going to revel in that gift and enjoy every brath and every step and every part of me that works. Amen.

    Love you so much and you are helping me more than this writing can convey.

  6. I had a wonderful day by really relaxing and letting go. Just being in the moment. I hope you had a wonderful day too, Cinner.

  7. Actually, I'm working hard to prevent catastrophic climate change through the new Four Years.Go. organization (fouryearsgo.org). That gives me hope, and with hope I can smile and trust that somehow we will change our habits (especially we wastrels in the United States) in time. Thanks for asking!


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