Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Revised Plan

Well yesterday I decided to do something I have not in a while,
and to be honest I knew I was not going to like it,
So I stood naked and gently, ever so gently,
put one foot on the shiny surface of my day destroyer,
better known as the scale,
It said twenty pounds.
Even I not wide awake yet,
can put two and two together,
and know something is not right.
so I get off and get on again,
I started to pray that I had accidentally stepped 
on a huge clock,
then I could wonder was it am or pm,
instead of wondering,
now how did that happen?
I know how it happened,
I was not committed enough,
you can even tell that in my blog,
my focus has not been where it should,
and I have to do this every single day.
So I have been thinking how can I face everyone,
and I do it like I face anything else in my life,
head on.
So in my header picture,
look way up.
who dressed me,
well we were just out walking in the leaves,
I admit it is not the best look but
now I have taken my body shot,
and on a monthly basis,
I will be taking  others,
I have no excuses to make,
because I don't want to look behind,
so I am going to pursue what I can,
everyday and gradually it will come off.
I am praying God will be there to hold my hand.
I am doing this for health reasons,
it became a real issue when I became so immobile.
I need to make things easier on my body,
so I can be around for a long, long, time.
Take care,


  1. Oh cinner I think you are beautiful just the way you are.....I want for you what you want for you and that is for you to be around a very long time. So proud of you......:-)Big Hugs

  2. Wishing you good luck with this challenge, somehow I just know you'll do great because you're doing it for yourself.

  3. Wow, Cinner!
    You look great!
    Walking there, through the Autumn leaves.
    Didn't you just have a Birthday?
    This new-found enthusiasm might be
    a great birthday present -
    from yourself, to yourself!
    And by the way, happy *late* birthday (again)!

  4. One day I woke up and found that I couldn't take care of myself and my household. My sweet hubby was working all day and coming home and doing all the chores. I just couldn't get around. Standing was a real effort and walking took my breath away. It was time!!
    You know when it is time and you have to pay attention to that voice and go for it.
    Be determined and take it one day at a time. One meal at a time. And try to move in some fashion every day.
    No, it isn't easy. But I wanted to live life...to be able to grab it with both hands and enjoy it.
    You are beautiful Cinner and I love those pics in your header. Time to grab hold and go for it!! You have overcome so much in your life...this is just another speed bump. Shift into low gear and move forward!
    Hugging you

  5. Cinner, I love the picture in the banner!!! I understand that you do want to get a healthy body and you are right to want that. You know why? Because you are a very precious person and the world so desperately needs people like yourself. Kind, compassionate, non judgmental, all beautiful from the inside out! You may not realize it but you give strength to others. You give me mine, oh yeah girl, you do! Today when I woke up and past ghost were hunting me, the pinching pain in my heart so deep I thought about you wishing us all to have the best day ever. And I thought to myself 'yes Cinner is so right about that, I should just take it one step at a time, to enjoy fully the present, and oh my, I do have so much reasons to be happy, and not to let my past to haunt me! You see, thanks to you, I was able to smile and I did hug my sweet son, kissed him and said to him 'today we will have our best day ever' ... so Cinner, do take a good care of yourself because I do need you here!!! big birdie hugs!!!


    Hey Beautiful. Wow, you are taking on the fight and I applaud your honesty. Being a woman of fuller figure I understand your desires - love yourself every day and give up salt.
    Love to you girl "hey"
    peace and hope.....

  7. Cinner, I truly get this my friend...I am here to root you on from here on!! We can do this together!!

  8. I hear you and I am in a pretty similar place. May we both walk paths that take us through life with much happiness and increasing health

  9. Rose, hi....I remember reading your blog and thinking how brave you were to tell your story....I remember it as if I had written it myself. I am going to do it, it is for my health and my health alone, I have always had a rather healthy mental image and if anyone did not like me, my thoughts were oh well it is their loss, but I know I am the one losing out, so I am going to give it my all, if I can be of any support...please let me know. hope all goes well for you, know your not alone in this at all. what got me back on track is following a blog called Almost Gastric Bypass....I am on a waiting list for that and I don't want to go there, so voila here I am. take care.

    Tabitha, your such a sweetheart, I have been reading your blog and reading your excitement every day. we can do this together. thank you so much. forward and onward to a healthier us. Hugs

  10. Gail, love you too, I about had cardiac when I got on the scale....I knew I was eating more when I had my last houseguest....oops, stress. I have been thinking about you. going to call you thursday..I thought of it yesterday and today and figured you and Skipp would be enjoying yourselves together....if you see this let me know if that works for you, hugs and no salt....I don't use salt at all, but it has to be in processed food I am eating, I have to be more label conscious. take care, I hope you are having a beautiful day. hey!

  11. Birdie, not fair you made me cry....tears of happiness. those demons from our past can get us every time. and just when you think you have dealt with them...poof there they are....so I try and not worry about the past, the future, just today, right now, I can see you kissing your little boy. I do believe in the power of positive thinking, now you inspire me, I know why I am not a mother, I think I am too selfish, I know if I had children you just do what you have to...I read how hard your days were and you know don't be hard on yourself...I doubt you know how much you inspire others,,,love has a way of getting us through. I do believe God never gives us anything we can not handle, may we both wake up one morning and be surprised by our own strength....I hope it is every morning as we both Have our Very Best of Days! my email is cinwain@shaw.ca....a big cinner hug.

  12. SueAnn, well there that is exactly how I feel, the first paragraph described me to a t. It is a harsh reality when it finally hits you....this illness helped me get there quicker than I think it would have...my life changed when I had to stop working.....in some ways life got smaller being isolated, and as it got smaller I have gotten bigger.....I so appreciate your support, I have moved today and will everyday. I think of you and Anne and how successful you have been, and right now that is my job...to get at it. Thank you, a big hug being sent your way.

  13. Anne, your too funny, I thought of you and how you are so focused on your blog...everyday...in reality I was like a sinking ship just coasting along....so where ever this has come from I am glad, I have no choice do I,,and I want to do this. Thanks for always being their as an inspiration...hope you are well, hugs to you,,,,I would have to wrap my arms around you twice....little miss thing you...you look wonderful. love your before and after days....have a great day.

  14. Jientje, thank you for your encouragement, I sure am going to work on it this time. come visit anytime. take care.

  15. Bernie, you are a darling, I want both of us to be here for a long long time. Bernie, you have a way of bringing out the best in people, you have made an impact on my life. I thank you for that. I figure you are outside soaking up the sun...I have been working in my yard...slowly as I do not want to injur my back, and I walked, and going to walk tonight with Wain. have a fab day and I hope you enjoy your days. I think we are to have a few nice ones ahead. take care. hugs.

  16. Well all I want to do is cheer and hug you. It is so darn hard to be consistent, I know. I used to walk sometimes twice a day, just because I loved it now I have done some damage to my back somehow and after eating and drinking our way round France for 5 weeks, I seriously need to get some weight off. It doesn't matter whether it is 200 or 20lbs, it is all tough. Just do what you can and move a little more each day, eat well and sensibly and drink that water. You will get there, honestly. love and hugs

  17. Kim, thanks so much for your encouragement, it does mean alot...I don't know what I would do visiting France...I did really well today out in my garden, the leaves are blowing all around, it is so beautiful. and then during Young and Restless, I walked on the spot durning the commercials. There are really too many of them...lol. I hope your back gets better, it sure slows us down does'nt it. love and hugs to you. have a great day.

  18. Cinner, you can do this. Let's show everyone how its done!

    You are starting to walk, and I will too, when this rain eventually ends. (I'm hoping within the next day or two.)

    I am going to start slowly and work my way up - exercise was never my strong point. Shocking, I know. :D

    What is your game plan, to get back on track?

  19. Anne, my game plan is to do portion control, cut out most of the bread, limit it to one slice a day. The biggest thing I have done is instruct my hubby to keep the goodies out of the house.. he came home tonight with salad and fruit so that was good...Today I walked on the spot during the commercials while watching my soap. I know it does not seem like much but I was exhausted, felt better by the third commercial..I know I have a tendency to be an all or nothing kind of gal. What really helped me today was all the amazing support I found on here....if you can believe it in school I played on just about every team, after high school I just got out of it, and that was many long years...I worked on my feet 8 to 12 hours while working and was so exhausted afterwords...some of it is with the Narcolepsy/Cataplexy, but I am sure every pound will help....I want to be able to walk down the street without being out of breath, or go shopping in a store without getting played out....so my game plan is to move every day, and live, and at 50 I am skydiving...that is 3 years away... I am only thinking of today. I wish you luck and hope the rain stops for you. we finally have sun here, I actually got a little bit of a sunburn today...especially since it froze just a couple weeks ago. thanks for your support, keep up the great job you are doing, Years ago I walked two miles to work and back every day and in one month I lost 30 pounds from the walking....first time I have thought of that in a while....sorry I am so longwinded...have a great night. hugs.

  20. Cinner, just start where your at. Get up tomorrow..do some exercise and eat healthy. Do it day by day. Each day make a choice to commit to your health, keep recommitting to it. You'll get to where you want to go. Be patient with yourself and don't give up. I'm rooting for you.

  21. Shell, thank you for your encouragement, I am thinking about the health, not the weight, so I am recommitting to life and living. hope you have an awesome weekend. you have a great heart Shell, I think it every time I come to visit. hugs to you.


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