Monday, September 27, 2010

Color Everywhere, except my frozen Virginia Creepers.

Walking down the road in front of our house
makes me feel like I am wrapped in a blanket,
the branches cascading from side to side
providing shade,
the arch of the trees where they meet
remind me of a tunnel,
soon the branches will be bare,
and there will be bags and bags of leaves
to rake into piles, the sound of the rake,
and the dryness of the leaves
making their own beautiful music,
their will be knocks on our door
from kids in the neighborhood
trying to make some money,
I see them going from door to door,
and they come again when it snows,
the shedding of the leaves
is a process,
just like trying to live a healthier life.
the days and seasons keep going on,
Only we can change the outcome,
Today I am weighing in and measuring
and planning.....
I love me, I just want to be able to do more
Whether I watch the leaves fall from the trees,
or snow lay on the ground,
or rainbows in the sky,
There is no better time than the present.
Thanks to everyone for the kind birthday wishes.
I had an awesome quiet weekend,
my back is doing much better
although I am taking it easy.
Oh I am starting to crave water again.
Life is good,
How are you doing with your challenges,
What types of things keep you on course?
I would love to know.
Hugs from the curvy Goddess of the Harvest Moon.
May you have the best of days.


  1. Fall is such a beautiful time of year...though I must admit I wanted summer to stay a bit longer. Sigh! I was loving the hot lazy days. Ha!
    When challenges present themselves to first I feel frustrated and then I start reminding myself of where I want to go and that I am powerful and beautiful!!! I can rise above this challenge and continue the journey to meet my goals!! I will do it...I have waited too long.
    So that is my mantra! I keep repeating until it becomes part of me and I move forward.
    Have a wonderful day Cinner

  2. The most beautiful picture Cinner. I love the fall and these colors of the leaves, the yellow brown, red ... wow and I love to kick them on the ground, I never grew up from that ;-) happy Monday, hugs!


    So glad you are out and about - and I love the image of the tunnel of trees. What keeps me going? Love, being needed, laughter, music, and hope/faith. Oh, and YOU!!

    Love you girl "hey"
    peace and hope.....

  4. I am glad you had a nice weekend. I wish you a lovely new year full of days that feel wonderful to you. I love the way you signed out: Hugs from the curvy Goddess of the Harvest Moon!

  5. Wow glorious canopy you have how beautiful. Wanting to do more yes I know how that feels, I used to power walk for an hour a day but something has happened to my lower back and I just can't do it, the pain is dreadful if I walk up a hill or twist the wrong way, it really sucks. So I am trying to find some other way to work off the French holiday. Love to you

  6. Hi Cinner!
    Our Fall is just beginning here. I love the cooler temps and am looking forward to the color change!
    I love the "Curvy Goddess of the Harvest Moon"! That is awesome! Love Di ♥

  7. What a beautiful description! Happy (belated) birthday too! I didn't see that post, which means it didn't pop up for me. I'm going to "re-follow" and see if that makes a difference.

    Enjoy your day!! xx

  8. so beautifully written cinner.
    i love the crunch of the leaves and the smells that autumn brings...
    wonderful post~

  9. I missed your birthday ! I hope it was an awesome one. I too am a Fall baby (Oct.9th) and there is something truly deep within me that links me to this season and all of its wonder. Brava to you for celebrating its precious moments. Big Hugs to you !

  10. So happy to hear that your back is doing better and that you had a lovely birthday.

    I enjoyed your observations.

  11. My weight loss challenge is going good..a bit slow..I feel slow with this is better.
    What keep me committed to this is looking at my inspiration dress that I want to fit in, how now my clothes are more roomy and reminding myself doing this is an act of self-love.

  12. At my age most things become a challenge...but I face them with humor,chocolate and most important of all, prayer.Your fall photo's are beautiful..if i could freeze a season and keep it for ever it would be fall. I love the beauty and mellowness of it.

  13. Hey Cinner.. Im so glad you stopped by,,and thank you for the kind words.. It really does make me feel good, knowing that us sisters in christ can share encouragement to one another..
    Have a blessed day..
    Love your fall look...


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