Friday, September 24, 2010

Someone is turning 47 tomorrow!

Well I wake up in the morning,
and I try to touch my toes,
but first I have to find them,
and thats not an easy task,
I bend over to see them,
oh my bellies in the way.
What the heck is happening,
the girls are way down there,
now how did this happen they got caught in my underwear.
Well I better roll them up and stuff them up into my bra,
for it really was not pretty the sight that I just saw.
note to self, remember duct tape for birthday supper,
I would hate to have them fall right into my soup,
I seriously think that would throw me for a loop,
Apparently I have to be careful,
I have crows feet on my face,
I just looked at my friend,
and she ran the 100 yard dash race.
I really think I am pretty, oh so pretty, just how I am.
I don't make mistakes and ask do I look fat in this,
for lets face it either way I am not impressed
lets face it I am too sexy for my shirt,
too sexy for my shirt,
I feel like dancing, dancing,
Well tomorrow when I go out for my 47th birthday,
I am large and in charge,
all that and a bag of chips.
Saturday I turn 47,
I can make fun of myself,
and deep down know I still look good,
even though I am overweight.
I did not meet my goal for this year,
but  I  will.
I am a short round curvy goddess of the Autumn moon.
Okay it is 7 in the am and I am drunk.
I have two choices, love me as I am, or try to be someone I am not.
p.s. please know no girls were injured in the writing of this poem,
and I choose to see the lighter side of life,
I wish you could come to my party,
I will be wearing my diva gown.
it looks the same whether I wear it upright or upside down.
...............have a wonderful fun day.........


  1. Happy happy birthday for tomorrow!! And love the person you are - for you are very lovable. Have a brilliant day xxx

  2. Hurray for you. Loving yourself is the ticket. It wins every time. I too am large and in charge (well sometimes) and it took me way to long to see my own notice I did not say inner....cuz the outer is not society approved by I like me...I know I need improvement but then who or what doesn't. I need to take my car to be detailed but it still is cute, does the job and I am proud of it too. Same with me.....and you.
    Happy Birthday Goddess and seems to me you've given yourself the present of self acceptance. Greatest gift of all. Congrats and much love, The Olde Bagg


    "Happy happy birthday to YOU - beautiful YOU, just as you are!! Enjoy your day and I will be raising a glass in your honor to celebrate your birth and life.

    Loving you always girl "hey"
    peace and hope.....

  4. Happy Birthday dear friend, you are still just a baby at 47. Love yourself as you are, have a wonderful day and do all the things you love's your day!....:-)Hugs

  5. Happy Birthday Cinner! We LOVE you just the way you are baby! Thanks for all your support and encouragement over the last year and a half - it means a lot to me.

  6. Sending a great big birthday hug and wishes for a fantastic and healthy year.

    Cheers to you Cinner. xo jj

  7. I want to get all dressed up and join you at your party!!! I will even wear my sparkly shoes!!!!!! Happy Birthday dearest one!!
    You are a Queen!! Revel in it!!! Enjoy it!! Be it!!!

  8. I hope that you have a wonderful day Cinner. You deserve it. You are wonderful and warm. I hope that you get to do something fun today.
    I am sending all of my best wishes for a very Happy Birthday! Love Di ♥

  9. Great post! I love your voice, I love that you are who you are and proud of it. It's people like you who make me wish insecurity wasn't such a ruling factor in my life!

  10. OOooooooh....happy birthday to you, Cindy. I hope that today was the best!!!

  11. you crack me up. Too funny. A very happy 47th...
    (`'•.¸ (`'•.¸*¤* ¸.•'´) ¸.•'´)
    ♥*** (=Happy Birthday Cindy)***♥
    (¸.•'´ (¸.•'´*¤* `'•.¸) `'•.¸)

  12. Has it been a whole year already?
    Happy happy birthday!
    Cinner, the "Blogress!"
    ..... and many more!

  13. Happy Birthday, Curvy Goddess of the Autumn Moon. I hope you have a wonderful day and a fab new year.

  14. Happy Birthday my Sweets...You are a Beauty all around! No frowns just joy, dancing and curves...nothing wrong with that!!! Hope you had the most beautiful and your girls..heehee. Hugs Cinner!!!

  15. Lovey, thank you so much, I did have a lovely day, me and my girls, lol. take care.

    Shell, thank you for the wishes, you always make my day. hugs

    Anne, yes can you believe it how the time has flown by. thanks Anne I appreciate all that you do. hugs.

  16. Sarah, glad i was good for a laugh, thanks for making my day. take care. hugs.

    Jaackie, thank you I had the best of days and loved your email. hope you had a nice weekend. take care. I did drink all my 8 glasses of water, how are you doing. hugs.

  17. Hi Sandra, nice to meet you. thank you so for your kind comment. I wish we could all kick the insecurities to the curb. I think with different things life has thrown me such as my Cataplexy I have realized life is too short and we have to work with what we got. I look at your picture and I think what a beautiful woman you are, The thing is don't givee a hoot about others and what they think....and as you start to believe that then you don't really care because one day you wake up knowing whom you are. I wish you all the best in your journey...negative feeds negative, positivity builds a life.....just my opinion. hope you continue to enjoy my blog, I am coming to see yours, have to check out my fellow Canadians. hugs.

  18. Diana, thank you so much, I had a great day doing not much of anything other than enjoying my little world. It was a very peaceful day. hugs to you and many good wishes.

  19. SueAnn, your a gem my friend, I am learning to be, to just be and that is a great feeling. hope you had a fabulous weekend. take care....hugs.

    JJ, Thank you so much, how is the baking going, you are probably exhausted. hugs to you. don't overdo it.

  20. Katie J, thank you, and no problem. we have a wonderful support system here. I have met some wonderful people of which you are one of them. hugs to you.

  21. Bernie, I had an awesome day, it was perfect, no big parties for me, thats how I like it, it was my first day of being alone for awhile. it was a great day. it is gonna be a great year, I can feel it, my back is quite a bit better,,,so will see. glad you are well too, probably glad to be home.
    hugs to you my friend.

  22. Gail, thanks, oh yes definately have a drink for me...I will raise my glass with water. think of you every day. hope all is well. hugs. love you always my sis from the states.

  23. Linda, thanks for the wishes, I do love the analogy of the car. perfect and logical point. self acceptance is a wonderful thing, and if anyone feels otherwise about me....well they can hit the road. ooooh big tuff chick at 47...whats the saying come on in the waters is good. thanks for visiting, you always make my day,
    will be by to visit more now that my company has left. hugs to you and yours.

  24. Cambridge Lady, your a super nice woman, thank you for your wishes and your kindness Angela. visit you soon, have a wonderful week. hugs.

  25. CINNER......a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! OMG, you are just a baby. I hope that everything that you want to accomplish this next year comes to fruition for you my friend. Lots of birthday hugs...Janet

  26. Happy Belated birthday, get awards from my blog,

    how is everything, friend?
    It is Monday again, I sincerely invite you to join us for a Monday Poetry Potluck party, bring in 1 to 3 poem treats to share!
    You will have 60 hours enjoying the fun.
    Hurry up, the more you share, the happier we are.
    Hope to see you in our party….Last time to link in is Wednesday, 8am!


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