Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Such good little Gaffers!

Remember the days of he loves me, he loves me not,
well now it has become,
I choose to eat good today, I will continue to eat good today,
every once in  a while I throw in a I don't give a hoot today attitude,
But quickly I get back on track,
My two nephews are staying with me,
these two guys are like my own kids,
Sometimes they even slip and call me Mom,
My sister and I are so much alike,
Anyway they are here helping me,
They put in some cement blocks today.
what they did in a couple of hours would have taken me the rest of the summer.
They have no idea how grateful I am that they are here.
the younger fellow is all about eating healthy right now,
so he is keeping me on my toes,
the other fellow will eat me out of house and home,
and never put on a pound.
They made me laugh today.
At about five o/clock they both asked me if I was okay,
I said sure why,
Well you look tired they said,
I said to them that yes I had gotten tired watching them work so fast.
They love that, testosterone was filling the air,
well they are men and they can do anything, and it would be easier for me
if I was younger! and they really don't mind helping an old lady in her fourties,
What they don't know is in the morning when I wake up,
this old lady feels about 30 for at least a couple hours,
so I can get into lots of fun stuff with them.
On the weekend I am going to get my husband to take the younger one out,
He wants a basketball, they both said that they are not allowed to take money
from family, that family helps each other, but he did not think there would be any
harm in getting a basketball.
Funny how there minds work, and well you know
I think they know they have me wrapped right around there little fingers.
I hope you are all well.
Take care,


  1. Anne what are you talking about watermelon, I am not sure what you mean by that, you said the comments are not working so I am just trying this. Watermelon, hmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Your nephew post was so fun to read. I chuckled at the basketball "pay" ... reminded me of the time my brother bought Mom a basketball for Mother's Day. (Mom doesn't even LIKE basketball, never mind plays it.) She opened the gift, and thanked my brother - who promptly asked Mom if she was going to use it. "No, I am afraid not right now," she said, to which he volunteered, "I'll use it!" Generous kid, my brother. I think he bought her some bike chain grease one year too. She didn't need that, as she didn't own a bike, but (surprise) his bike could use some. He never knew the rest of us were onto him. We always had a good chuckle over his "gifts," as a kid.

  3. What a blessing to have such sweet nephews. And ones that want to "help"!! That is super!
    Hope he enjoys his basketball...I am sure he will be happily surprised!!


    SO noce to have youthful strength around to get jobs done. Your nephews sound so wonderful - enjoy them. I am still meeting this MS setback healing challenge one step at a time.

    Love you girl
    peace and hope......

  5. Love it Cinner - thanks for sharing.

  6. How great to have not only helpers, but sweet ones at that! Your nephews sound like very nice young men Cinner. I understand how grateful you are for the help, I am the same way when my son comes over to help me!
    Love Di ♥

  7. What a treat for you to have your nephews with you. They sound like two really good guys. And I'm sure they are loving their time with you too.
    xo jj

  8. Joanna I am just thrilled to have them here. they said to me today that my house is always so much fun, but that I keep them on their toes. at about nine this am I went and sang them out of bed, they were like please started the morning off pretty good. Hope you are having an awesome week. take care.

  9. Dianna, I am lucky, they are good boys for being 17 and 12. It is all stuff they have not done before so it seems to be quite interesting for them so far. lol. I can just imagine how you feel when your son comes over, and helps you out. Hugs and love to you. hope you are well. take care.

  10. SHELLEY thanks for dropping by, hope your summer is awesome and that your days are filled with much happiness. thank you for commenting. have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Gail, oh I wish you were feeling better hon, One step at a time, I guess that is all you can do. Keep your spirits up. I was wondering is M.S. affected at all by stress...just thinking with your Mom not being very well, could that be a trigger. How is she doing btw. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thinking of you. sending you a great big hug, hey! you know I love you. Be well. hugs......many

  12. SueAnn, they are good fellows for sure, we can all get a little sidetracked, I usually find them in the raspberry patch, or on the computer. Today was a hot one, so we would do something and then cool down in the house, they are so quiet when I Have my nap in the afternoon, and they are always reminding me to not get overtired...I think that has been drilled into them from my sister. The boys have seen me in a major spell where the ambulance had to be called, they are pretty protective, I always say, don't worry about me, be kids, be happy, play....and they do...but everyonce in a while they come back with the million dollar question.
    Do you need to lay down....Lord love a duck. Have a wonderful weekend. was glad to see you had gotten some rain, how are your tomatos doing. hopefully they have perked up. take care.

  13. ANN hi that is the funniest thing I have read in awhile. I am sure your Mom must of had quite the laugh knowing that she would never know what to expect next. bike grease, how convenient he had a bike. Thanks for the laugh, I am going to come and have a visit at your blog. hope to have you back anytime. have a great and wonderful weekend.

  14. love this one Cinner, sounds like a great time with family :-) happy weekend to you!

  15. Birdie, happy weekend to you, I was thinking about you this am, wondering what you were up to. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you have many laughs. hugs.

  16. happy weekend!

    hope that you have a smiling day!
    Enjoy if you like some...


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