Friday, July 23, 2010

Staying Cool!

Some of you have been saying how hot it has been,
so imagine swimming under here,
or paddling by in a canoe,
feeling the spray of the water
wet your warm skin
instantly cooling, making you smile
for even the few moments of coolness,
making you forget how hot and humid and uncomfortable you feel.
When you get back to shore,
waiting for you is the sweetest freshest watermellon
that has been chilling on ice.
On a hot day that would make me swoon,
and a ice cold glass of fresh water
with crushed ice.
You put some on your forhead and feel it fall 
down the front of your face,
enjoying the freshness
and renewed energy.
You walk at the waters edge, the wind changes
and you can feel the mist of the water
falling gently on you, evaporating in a moment,
you welcome the continuous mist that makes it your way,
the wind shifts and you decide one more trip
to the fountain to cool off and go for a swim,
Wonderful, lazy days of summer.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend.
It is supposed to be hot here,
the Indy is in town, and our Capital Ex,
used to be known as Klondyke Days.
I don't live far from either, so
there will be lots of noise,
the buzz of the cars,
fireworks at eleven each night,
music from the bandstands,
and I can enjoy it all from my own back yard.
Be well, take care,
may you have your Very Best of Days.


  1. Good Morning,

    this is so very beautiful,
    hope that you have a fulfilled weekend.

  2. Oh I can feel the mist and that watermelon is the best!!! I love it! Enjoy your backyard festivities....Ha!!! Especially the fireworks!
    I love them!

  3. Ah if only! That sounded so refreshing Cinner! I am praying for a bit of a cool down for the first week of August. My husband will be home for a week. We both want to do things outdoors!
    I hope your weather stays pleasant for you so that you can enjoy the show from your yard!
    Love Di ♥

  4. That would be great to enjoy.....have a happy celebration right in your own back yard.


    Oh my I felt every cool drop and savored the ice-cold wtermelon and crushed ice across my forehead and face - refreshing and so life-giving.

    love you girl
    peace and hope

  6. Love the water on a hot day, but love it in the middle of winter when the edges are frozen. Love your word Embrace for this year. I do hope life has definitely embraced you this year.

  7. Oh this looks so inviting. It's humid humid humid here. It even poured but then it got more humid...yuck. Enjoy all the activities....and the fireworks. have a great weekend're a beautiul gentle soul that I'm so glad I connected with.

  8. Beautiful pic and beautiful poem. :)
    Enjoyed reading it. :)

  9. You painted a beautiful picture Cinner. What a great treat on a hot summer day.

    Stay cool and enjoy the fireworks!

    xo jj

    PS Stop by, I'm having a new giveaway.

  10. nothing better than the ocean's spray on a hot summer day.

    one love, my friend.

  11. I almost reached for a towel...your blog is very refreshing for a hot summer day!

  12. What beautiful and thought-filled words...

  13. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments, I am once more listening to it rain and taking a few minutes while my company has stepped out. I hope you are all well and I will be by to visit you soon. take care.


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