Friday, July 30, 2010

Check out Awake is Good

Good day to you all,
these are my nephews,
gotta love their smiling faces,
that is how they woke me up yesterday afternoon,
they crawled on top of the bed,
dirty feet and all,
woke me up,
and then we laughed and laughed
about nothing.
I want to talk about something I read over at
Awake is Good with Janice Lundy
you will not be sorry.
I have been following her for a short time.
One of her recent posts was
What is not Wrong.
It is so easy for us to focus on What is Not Right in our world,
but what if we focus on what is not wrong,
positive produces positive,
Here is What is not Wrong in my World,
I live in the present, I am blessed with friends and family, I know God is a forgiving God,
I have a home, food, water, love, safety, I live very simple and want for nothing,
I know there are more good people in the world than not, 
I focus on the positive and not the negative,
I can look at myself in the mirror and like what I see,
My life experiences have brought me to understanding difficulties
and that you always get through them,
Things play out as they are meant to,
The sun rises and sets,
the seasons change and I appreciate them all,
Difficulties are just obstacles that I have not overcome,
I don't like to give them power,
My pets lay at my feet while I type,
The sun is out and it will be a wonderful day,
The boys will soon be up and with them 
I know I will have many laughs today.
You should try this, it is a lot harder writing about what is right  
May all your worries and troubles melt away,
May life treat you well, and may you feel that
you are enough.
And may you laugh like the kids in the photo above,
It is the best medicine.
Until next time,



    Great picture - they are adorable, so handsome. I love that you laughed, heartily, together. :-)

    My daughter is coming over to help me make eggplant parmesan - it is my 90 year old Godmother/Aunt's delicious recipe. It is a lot of work so we will hang out and cook and talk and just "be". The air has cooled and dried - thank goodness.

    And I have always balanced the good with the nt so good - in the worst of times I rely on what is right as I face whatever is wrong. LIke this healing challenge right now - it is very difficult, but I can still savor making the egg plant with my daughter, and be delighted by the humming birds and other wild life all around me,and the SKipp and I love each other SO much, and our Greacey-blue is adorable and so loving, and my Mom is still here, and on and on...great post girlfried. I love you
    peace and hope.......

  2. I think that is a wonderful exercise.

    Your nephews are beautiful.

  3. Your nephews are so cute, I know how much you enjoy them cinner, I am blessed to have wonderful nieces and nephews as well. Enjoy the boys and your weekend my friend.....:-) Hugs

  4. That was a wonderful post, and a good exercise!

    It was just what I needed today too. Thanks for posting it.

  5. Focus on the good.....
    It's all good!
    Now I need to believe it all the time,
    not just when it's easy, and things are going great!

  6. Cinner,
    I am so glad you let me know about your process and how the question posted at my blog jump-started this great exercise for you. I love your positive focus. The quality of our day-to-day lives really does depend on how we look at everything around us and everything that happens to us. So good to know that you are looking toward the sunshine as best you can. Blessings to you!

  7. those very cute and happy guys look awesome and love that they woke you up with their dirty feet and all. ☺ And Cinner..I agree that it's so good to focus on what is not wrong rather than what is....great post. Have a ton of fun this weekend.

  8. Cinner, this is so very true, I recently started to ask my friends 'what is beautiful and good in your life now' - it sure brings only the good vibes I feel :-) smiles are precious!!! happy weekend :-)

  9. Smiles are good and laughing is better!! Lots of smiles and laughter in my life right now. I am blessed.
    Looks and sounds like you are too Cinner!! That is great!

  10. SueAnn, I really am blessed. the boys have been here for six days and it feels like one. Between you and me, I can't get over how they can eat. lord love a duck, I just have to shake my head. They asked how long they get to stay, I told them until the food runs out. lol. have a great weekend, will be checking in soon. hugs, thanks for your comment I always enjoy your visits.

  11. Birdie, hi it is really true, I have an elderly friend and she says she hangs around with people much younger than herself because all her friends all have the same aches and pains, and she finds it depressing, she said her young friends help keep her young. She is 83. Positive is a much better frame of mind.

    Sarah, I had to laugh when I see their feet, THEY look and just laugh, because I am pretty laid back... I really like this idea of thinking of everything that is right. I always so a greatful list in the morning, sometimes on here,
    but this makes me think about what is right. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  12. Jan thanks it was your post that was an ah ha moment for me, positive, forward, and onward as best as I can. thank you for visiting. take care.

    Anne H,, that is the thing if we can channel our good thoughts when things are not going right, I think we can change things or get out of a rut maybe a bit long as we keep keeping on. hugs to you. smiles.

  13. Ann so glad you needed to read it, that is what I thought when I read it. I hope your day ended with you in good spirits, hugs to yu.

    Bernie, I know you enjoy your time with your nieces and nephews. we started building a new front fence today....we minus me, I was the supervisor. lol. The youngest nephew came and thanked me tonight for letting him help Uncle Wain because he sure had fun knocking down those boards....what planet are these children from. hugs to you.

  14. Gail, I know someday it is hard to be positive especially with what life throws us. glad your daughter is coming over , your parmesan will be wonderful. thank you for your comments, i love knowing how you are doing, during the rough and the good days. be well my friend, love you.

  15. Drazil, Jingle and Unknown Mami, thanks for visiting, it always means a lot. Jingle and Unknown Mami I have tried leaving comments with no luck, but I have heard others having the same thing...just want yu to know I have been there.
    Have a great rest of the weekend everybody. until next time.

  16. Hi Cindy...Your nephews are very good looking young men. Thank you for posting the positive ways/aspects....focusing on those does help soooo very much. I've been away for a while, but I've returned and wanted to say hello to you. I hope that you have had a good summmer.
    Smiles from Jackie

  17. You've got a couple of handsome nephews there, Cinner. I'm so glad you're having a great time with them.

    Love this post and all the positive things that go with it.

    Keep on having fun! xo jj

  18. I love awake is good too, Cinner. and I totally agree and am inspired by this post. My mom/guru has been telling me for a long time now : "What is wrong with you is besides the point. What is right with you is the starting point." A great apporach to that to this life ! Here's to what is RIGHT, my friend ! Brava !!!!

  19. Kim, your Mom guru sounds wonderful,,,I really believe thinking of what is right is the best possible thing to do, better that I have learnt it now than someone never knowing that. hugs to you.

    Joanna, they put up a fence with my husband, and they never complained once. They made me laugh so hard today, that the youngest said to me, aunt cindy when you get silly like this you are supposed to sleep, with my cataplexy if I get tired lookout, so they actually tucked me into bed. I am going to miss them so when they go back home, but they are only 3 hours away, so I do get to see them alot. hugs to you, hope you are well. take care.

    Jackie, it is so good to hear from you, I have been wondering how you have been doing. Summer has been great, rains and storms almost every day, but quite warm, I have been doing quite well, still napping lots but that is a forever thing, but when I sleep I am really sleeping sound.. I hope you are well my friend and that life is treating you good. big hug and a happy girl to hear from you. have a great week.

  20. oh i like this what is right in my world, i just became a nanny a little baby girl and i lover her already, how much better does it get than this.

  21. Oh Kim, I am so so glad, congratulations, oh I just want to give you a hug, I hope everyone is feeling well. all my best, this is fabulous. hugs to you. life is fabulous. take care.


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