Saturday, July 17, 2010

ISometimes YOU just gotta shake your head....

As I play in my yard.
the cat is never too far away,
which some days is ok.
The other night I was sound asleep,
and I awoke to her sitting on my shoulder
and as I moved she slipped and tried to stop her fall,
The claws came out, and let me say
one of my girls got caught in the middle,
I screamed, the cat jumped down, my husband jumped up,
and says What the hell is going on?
Gee he seems a little grumpy
He proceeds to tell me when I am sleeping
to not let the cat sleep on me.
I am thinking, it was my chest that got scratched,
don't you want to see, let me show you.
Better put some polysporin on that scratch
Well alrighty then, I will  do just that.
Don't let the cat sleep on you honey,
he must be cheering up.
I  am thinking to myself,
I wear a CPAP machine at night,
that has a long hose that the cat
thinks is a string of yarn.
There is no door on the bedroom,
it is just the two of us in the house.
So I say, maybe we need to get a door to keep the cat out.
No reply, I waited......I reached out and said
Hey are you awake.
he says,
Why did you wake me up?
I could not resist, I said, Sorry I thought the cat was sitting on you,
You really should not let the cat sleep on you.
He says how would I know she was there if I am sleeping.
Lord, please give me strength,
that is what I said to him earlier.
The next morning
he asked how I had slept and I knew he remembered nothing,
When I was getting dressed he said honey what happened to you,
You have a big scratch,
I said oh that was just the cat,
He said, maybe we should put a door on our bedroom.
I  think I may need a vacation!
How ridiculous are some of your conversations?
I would love to hear about it.
I hope you have your 
Best Day Ever.
just letting you know,
no cats or husbands 
were injured.


  1. Honey I need to get that material out!
    Why do you want cereal now?
    I said material!!
    What about the cereal?
    That is just a small sample of some of my conversations! Ha!
    Yours cracked me up and I so understand your frustration.
    Have a great day now

  2. Cinner, this is hilarious :-)) if I will recall some of ours (of this kind) conversations I'll stop later to share ... thanks for sharing and I hope the scratch will heal soon! Have a beautiful weekend :-)

    I so needed and enjoyed this hysterical story of communication or mis-communication :-) I really needed to laugh. thank you SO much.

    Once, we wanted to get a laddr to our upstairs bedroom, a 15 foot ladder because we have 20 foot high cathedral ceilings. So my husband is up on the deck ourtsiew our bedroom, I am on the ground two stories below. he starts to pul the ladder up and says

    "hang on and guide the ladder

    i say - okay, yup, i got it.....

    he s grunting and puillng and at some point I can no longer hang on since I am only so tall, right?

    he yells,

    "DOn't let g'
    i yell back,

    I am too short"

    he holars down

    "what are you talking about?"

    I yell,

    "I am telling you I can't hold on to the ladder"

    he says
    "what does that have to do with how tall you are..........'

    eventually he got it up by leaning on his end and was almost catapolted off the deck in to the pond.....

    we laugh about that day still

    love you girl "hey"

    peace and hope....

    i am doing the best i can to manage the pain while my leg calms and my knee heals oh my.

  4. Oh good, I was beginning to think I was the only one who had conversations from hell with no one there. This is too funny, only because I wasn't one of the folks involved. Most of the time I am the only folk involved, don't ya know.
    Thanks for the giggle and I feel your pain, honest I do.

  5. Yup, I do think that we speak a different language a lot of the time. The words many sound the same, but they have different meaning depending on whether they come out of my mouth or his ! Thank God for them though. As different as we can be, I know he is made for me ! ;)
    Like your new doodle background here too - summery !
    Cheers, Lovely One !

  6. Oh this is funny. Love your new look....Hugs

  7. Ha! That is a scene out of a movie Cinner, What a hoot.

    Hope the scratch is okay and you both get some sleep-- And by "both" I mean you and hubby. The cat's on her own :-)

    xo jj

  8. Take her for a CAT scan!
    (Sorry - couldn't resist!)

  9. That was very funny, Cinner! I've had a few conversations like that, but they don't seem funny at the time!

  10. Almost every conversation I have lately seems to be strange!

  11. This was so funny! Just so you know, I did put a door in my bedroom, just because of the cats waking me! Love Di ♥


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