Thursday, July 15, 2010

Surprise ,,,,,,Simple Things Why We Love Her So.

Surprise, don't you just love one!
I do, it is one of the simple things in life that gives me goosebumps,
and that is how I feel every time I go for a visit to
Soul Aperture.
She is having a Blog Party at her Blog,
It is going to be a good time,
and we are Surprising her with our posts.
She came up with an idea for us all to post about simple things in life,
and today I want to tell you why she warms my heart so.

C  -  She is one of the most loving and caring individuals on the planet, 
her blog is the proof of all things good and wonderful in a 
Charming way.

H - She inspires hope in others, she thinks nothing of helping others,
and it is always from her heart.

R - She has earned the  Respect from other bloggers,
and she never does anything for  Recognition.
She simply keeps it Real.

I - She is Inspiring , through her photography, family ethics and values.

S- So Simply Sweet, a woman with great strength of character,
and oh you should see her smile.

T - She shows her tender side. She values her time and takes the time 
doing nice things for others.

I - What an Impressive Photographer and An Impressive Cook.
(she is baking for the party)

N - She is Nice and a No Nonsense Kind of Gal,
a good book is a necessity for her too.

A - An Angel, oh yes she is, I had written a post about my dad passing
and how h is dog kept looking and looking  for him.
About 3 months later, out of the blue came a package
with a beautiful magnet of a dog running down the lane.That
little magnet meant so much to me that I burst into tears.
She loves simple things, I will cherish that magnet always.
The other day I read a comment as I was leaving mine,
and someone told her that she was on the list of
3 people she would like to sit down and talk to before she passed on.
The 3 people on her list was Jesus, Mother Theresa, and CHRISTINA.
All I can say is Wow!
the simple things I love,
fresh air in the mornings, sun rays warming my body,
big warm friendly smiles, dogs loving you unconditionally,
kindness, old couple holding hands, flowers,
a gentle rain, a rainbow, the smell of babies,
music, fresh warm cup of coffee, talking to strangers,
warm towels, fresh sheets, raindrops,
a quiet moment, another breath, laughter,
I could go on and on.
Happy Birthday Christina.

So I am heading to the party, I am going to wear
Some Bling, it is gonna be fun.
Come and Have a Visit,
Click on her link up above.
Happy Birthday Christina.
Thank you to Se'lah for making this happen.


  1. Cinner, Christina sounds like a beautiful spirit, I will go over and say hello....:-)Hugs

  2. smiles. what a wonderful tribute...will have to go check out this friend of yours with all the wonderful things you say...

  3. Cinner, so original!!! Fabulous celebration of the very beautiful Christina! It's not my bday but I'm having so much fun celebrating her :-) love peace and hugs dear one!

  4. And yet another clever one who spelled something out, very sweet!! Makes me want to redo my whole post!! ha ha Have a wonderful day

  5. Happy Birthday, Christina. Nice idea for you as a group to dedicate posts to her for her birthday.

  6. i love this! quite clever, indeed. Christina is an angel and we are all blessed to have her in our life. You are too, my dear.

  7. And isn't it lovely of her to bring us all together? Thanks for the visit.

  8. great tribute to Christina!!

    wonderful list

  9. This is a beautiful post, Cinner ! You have written such a loving and sweet tribute to the Birthday Empress ! Wonderful Job !

  10. Hey Cinner, Great tribute to Christina. She really is a very special blogger.
    xo jj

  11. A beautiful tribute indeed. I'm sure she feels every bit as blessed to know you too.

  12. Cinner, this is beautiful. And thank you for visiting me on my birthday! I did emails to everyone who visited and then discovered I was not using typepad correctly and had sent them all to myself! xo

  13. I love the way you did this. So sweet!


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