Monday, March 1, 2010

He Thinks He Owns the Place!

Cesar the Dog Whisperer would be telling me to get him off the furniture, but he is such a good dog. He gets to sleep on the futon. He is a much different dog since the other one left us, which has been a week now.
Kula is just fine with it, I believe the whole house is better again. So as for news at Cinners House of Craziness we watched Olympics just about all weekend, did get some things accomplished, but I do have to say this, Watching the Olympics for seventeen days straight I think when I wake in the morning I am going to be up exercising. The athletes were truly enspiring, Their dedication just amazes me and reminds me if I really want this. then I have to work for it. I also have to call the Weight Wise program and book a module for a Nutritionist, since it is March 1 I  can get started with the next phase. Well it is the middle of the night, hit with some insomnia tonight because I am overtired, so with nap time tomorrow, I will get back on track for the next day.  I think I should live in Mexico where Siestas are just part of the schedule, but you know what the heat would kill me, maybe when I am a hundred pounds lighter.......I would like to drop 50 pounds by Sept. 1
That is my goal , and I am quite excited about it, motivated, believing in oneself, and I have a wonderful group of people giving me support and encouragement and for that I thank you so much. I hope you have your very Best Day Ever. Take care.


  1. Good Morning, Cinner!

    50 pounds by 01 Sept. That's 6 months- 26 weeks
    That's 2 pounds a week!
    Good goal - I'm glad you are up for it and excited!
    Let's Do It, eh?
    You certainly have the supporters.
    Just like the Canadian Olympics!


    Gracey-Blue naps on our couch - we put a towel on the middle cushion for her - and of course it is color coordinated. I watched an episode of the Dog Whisperer about dogs on the bed, couch, etc. Cesar is fine with it so long as the dog is "invited" on to the couch or bed and does not assume it. So with Gracey-Blue we have her sit and wait and then we tap the couch or bed while saying "up" so she knows she is on the bed or couch because we said it was okay. That maintains that power position that is important so she knows who is in charge.
    And 50 pounds by 9/1. Good goal, but also a possible set-up - try and take each day as it comes - if you continue to make good choices every day the numbers will happen. I Just see it as a set up to fail. Better to feel good each day, one day at a time then to attach success to a number promised six months from now. That's just my opinion. k? And I love you. "hey"

  3. Hi Cinner, I'm catching up from being away on vacation. Your new blog look is gorgeous!

    I watched the Olympics a lot too. It's hard to pick my favorite sport between the ice skaters, speed skaters, the snowboarders and all the cool things people can do on a pair of skis. Regardless, you're right, they're inspiring and getting me moving more too!

    I'm cheering you on your your 50 pound goal!!!! Onward.

  4. Thanks Joanna, I just did that last night when I had insomnia, I know I seemed to love them all. Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me.How was your time away. Hugs to you.

    Gail, your a sweetheart, feel good is the main thing, I have not been on a scale so long, thanks for reminding me my lifechange is better for me to stick too. Thankyou. Yes we invite our dog up, I sure miss my other little guy....but so much less stress for me, so I am sticking to my wits on this one. take care, love you always.

    Anne, I think you and I are night owls, are you suffering from insomnia too. the other night I slept twelve hours straight and now I am back to about 3 hours, up, voila here I am. Hope you had a great day.

  5. Oh resting on a very cozy couch...sounds nice..

  6. Not insomnia per se -- I actually get up at 3am.
    About the weight*loss - yes - balance in all things....
    One pound a week works great for me....
    That's 50 pound in a year and was very very do-able...
    Then if I make extra progress it's just that much more!
    But I am not one to keep an enthusiastic woman from her goals!
    Just remember to take time to stop and smell the poppies - the coffee - the roses!


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