Friday, February 26, 2010

Impressed beyond Words.

I have always loved figure skating, They skated amazingly.
I wish that I had just some of their dedication. Can you imagine the hours that they train?
This lovely lady did an outstanding job and won the bronze medal.
What a feat that is in itself, but can you imagine how hard that was
for her to do with her Mom having passed away out in Vancouver,
only 4 days ago. Just an amazing woman. I was so very happy for her.
And this little beauty was thrilling for me to watch,
I really admire there dedication to their sport, to their goal, to their countries,
I certainly think that I should be able to work out at least 5 times a week.
For at least 15 minutes. 
That is my new goal,
I have a grip on the water now
so I will just keep at it.
I hope you all have a great weekend and be back on Monday.
Take care my friends.
I would love to hear your favorite part of the Olympics...for me it was the Australia girls
winning the Bobsled races....that is a major feat.....kudos to them for sure.


  1. I had a patient who LOVED figure skating.
    We watched everything, every time it was on.
    For years!
    It can get kinda inspiring and emotional!
    Sorta like blogging, eh?

  2. I used to love skating as a teen then went a few years back thinking it would still be easy. Oh boy, my centre of gravity had moved .... it was so dangerous!!!

    Favourite part so far - the UK's only gold medal - Amy Williams in the skeleton.

    Keep at it :o)

  3. The figure skating always makes me cry. I watch the tape of Sarah Hughes at the Olympics in my home town (Salt Lake) over and over. Glad you like ice skating too.


    I Loved the 'couples dancing'. loved it.

    It is snowing heavily here today and will continue until tomorrow. I am settled in warmly - with Gracey-Blue and some green tea.
    Although Gracey loves to romp outside. I keep my boots and warm coat, etc. right by the back slider so I can at least go out on the deck to encourage and applaud her romping about in the snow. I am too unsteady to navigate the snow out there in the yard. phew.
    \Enjoy your weekend

    Love to you
    peace..... "hey"

  5. Hi Gail, oh yes I love the couples too., the sun is shining and actually melting, what a strange winter. I was wondering how you were getting along, I do the same thing, just go out on the patio, throw a ball around and watch him run and play. At least we get some fresh air right. Enjoy your weekend too, is that okay although I know your weekend is Tuesday, Wednesday. I am making my sisters wedding invitations, so am having fun with that....sleeping alot, hopefully that will change soon. Take care and stay out of the snow. love to you hey! lol. big hugs, hope all your family is well, blessings sent your way.

    Kass, Hi, thanks for stopping by, the figure skating makes me cry too. Years ago I skated, only first three classes, I have the cutest little picture...boy I kick myself for quitting things. It just amazes me when I watch them. I joined one of your blogs today. Nice to meet you. Take care for now.

    Cambridge Lady, you and I both, probably can not even stand up now, I am speaking for me. It is amazing how everyone gets behind their Olympians...I have watched before when it has been in other countries, it sure has a different feel when it is in your own country.
    Have a great weekend.

    Anne, what memories to bring back, it can be addicting, just like this should have seen me dancing this am, the sun was beaming in my window. it was beautiful, the sun, not my dancing...but I was moving,
    thank you for the sunshine award. that was very kind Anne. Big hug to you. have a great weekend.

  6. Thanks for the comments on my blog today. I found you through Miss Anne at Carb Tripper. She is a great lady!

    Hope you have a good weekend as well and look forward to seeing your successes!

  7. I don't know she managed to keep it together for her short program then the long one...boy she had to have some focus and my heart was cheering so hard for her......I think it will be hard once everything sinks in
    My favorite moment was 37 year old Clara Hughes when she got the bronze in the 5000....I just cried for her as no other athlete has won Olympic medals in both summer and winter events. Her discipline and decication is amazing ......:-) Hugs

  8. as a girl i figure skated so i love watching it too aren't they just so fit and wonderful my agility is just not what it used to be and no rink here lets me off having to fall over in front of my girls yeah. love lots


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