Friday, February 5, 2010

Too Much Sleep

No, I did not bake this cake, although it looks tasty. I will not be eating any more cake!
I have decided this after watching Dr. Oz on Oprah!
I like him, I think he says enough that you realize just maybe I am headed for trouble!
One of the surprises was when he said that people on an average consume 150 lbs. of sugar every year.
He had bags of sugar sitting there, it was an incredible amount of sugar..
Another thing he said was if you drink a pop a day you r chances of getting diabetes increases by 83  per cent.
Boy I am just a bundle of great news today aren't I!
I will tell you the show scared the heck out of me.
Our family is genetically disposed to getting it.
So this is the thing, in the last month I have been so tired,
due to the fact that I have a variant of Narcolepsy,
Right now because of the excessive Day Time Sleepiness
I have been having a hard time with my exercising!
I sleep eighteen hours a day right now,
and do not ever feel rested.
I am not depressed,
this is all part of the illness!
So I said to my sister that I now have fifty followers and how I am so excited about that!
that this year I have gained 50 followers and I don't believe I have lost a pound.
I know the only way I can get this going is to exercise.
I really am in a horrible situation,
knowing I have too, but most days I can't!
As I really worry about what is in store for me down the road.!
So this is getting honest with myself.
I have been doing very well with the eating,
but because I am back to sleeping so much again.
I had two days in January that I had some energy.
I know if I lost weight I would have more energy.
Imagine sleeping most of your life away.
I am not complaining or making excuses,
I am just getting real.
I hope I don't lose any of my followers,
I have been talking the talk, but I have not been walking the walk.
I hate being sick, and I don't want to get worse.
Anyway I can't beat myself up with this.
Just get on track tomorrow,
and try not to sleep my day away!
Take Care, I hope you have been doing better than I have lately.
Let's try to have our very Best Day!


  1. That sleepiness must be very frustrating for you Cinner. I hope the longer days and brighter spring weather will help lift you.

    You won't be losing this follower! Take care and have a really good weekend xxxxxxxx


    FIrst, I love ya girl! "Hey". And ya, sugar and salt are killers, and of course fat ey? I am SO aware of my fat and salt intake so my BP stays in a good range.

    I respect and applaud your honesty - and in time, your good choices will be so natural, like breathing - you wont even need to think about it and when that happens you will have more energy and time to "live".

    I love you

  3. I think that when spring begins in earnest, your energy levels will go up. I wonder if you have SAD in addition to you illness. If so, maybe you can sit out in the sun when spring finally comes and get a lot of healing power from it that way.

    You may not have lost a pound yet, but like a tree that looks bare but is VERY busy underground getting ready to blossom, you are getting ready to make the changes that will help you. Just gathering up your resolve and energies, I think!

  4. I am a newby to your followers but have been a lookie loo for quite some time. I agree with ODP, she's a smart one anyway, You are on the brink of something and sometimes you can't see that the prep work you have done is doing anything.....but it will. Hang in there. I was drawn to your site because I too have weight issue caused medical problems and am "struggling". I applaude your honesty and tenacity. You go girl.

  5. It's okay cinner, you will loose weight when you are ready....I am a diabetic and there are times I just have to have chocolate. I don't seem to have much self one is perfect........:-) Hugs

  6. Every day is a fresh new start. So you can always begin anew. Releasing weight is challenging.
    Don't give up.

  7. I'm sorry for your difficulties. Make a deal with yourself that even on days when you sleep 18 hours you will commit to exercising at least 5 minutes. 5 minutes is better than nothing.

  8. Oh Cinner....I hope that you can get a go of it. You have so many blog friends who will cheer you on all the way! ~xo~Janet

  9. Janet, my blog friends have been so supportive, they have been wonderful. I left you a comment on your blog.

    Unknown Mami, that is just what the doctor says, I tried a bit of that show Shimmy which is belly dancing...for about ten minutes today. Thanks for your support, it means the world to me.

    Shell, thankyou, always a new day, the sun was shining today what an improved outlook...have a great weekend.

    Bernie, your right no one is, did you watch Oprah the other day on diabetes. It was really interesting. We just keep doing what we can do.

    Linda, I am so glad your a follower, odp is smart, and so talented. I will just keep doing what I can do. I have insomnia tonight but usually only last a couple of hours. WE can do this. Have a fabulous weekend.

    Dame Penni, I do have SAD as well, today I woke and the sun was shining, I sat in it for an hour, it changed my whole outlook on my day. I will never forget your comment about the tree, what a lot of hope to give someone Penni. Thankyou so much. That really touched my heart.
    Have a great weekend.

    Gail, thanks, I know you understand, tomorrow I have an outing to my optometrist which will be quite a hike for me...just in the mall, hubby will be with me....but the mall on a Saturday...I must have lost my mind, what do you think! lol. Thanks for the update on your sister. good night.

    Cambridge Lady, I have been thinking about your mysterious photo on and off all day today. you got me on this one.
    Thanks Cambridge Lady, I am glad your going to hang around. Take care.

  10. I hope it goes better for you, Cinner....
    Every day could be 100% but in truth, they usually aren't all "winners."
    My follower list goes up and down like the sun and moon.
    People even block me from their blogs. If you can imagine that.
    It was devastating, yes, but we somehow learn to adjust.
    And look at the ones who choose to stay.


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