Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Amazingly Beautiful!

   I think this is one of the most beautiful winter scenes 
that I have seen all year!
It would be so peaceful to walk along the river,
the air would be so fresh, I would feel so alive,
I might hear the odd groan as the branches
try to hold up the snow on their once barren branches.
Maybe I would see some tracks in the snow,
or if I were really quiet, maybe I would  spy a dear!
The maybes are unlimited,
I could do my Tai Chi
down by the waters edge.
or I could meditate,
Think I will just sit in awe
of the wonders
around me!
I  am going to stay
awhile, if you want to head back,
hot chocolate is on,
the door is unlocked.
and there is a batch of fresh muffins
still warm in  a basket.
will be along in a few,
I just want to sit here with God
at least to Thank him!
Have a great day, eat well and play well.
Have your very best day ever!


  1. chocolate, fresh muffins....and this picture perfect scene.
    Makes me want to go to Canada!

  2. That is so gorgeous - thank you for posting it :)

  3. Cinner, good morning, my name is Linda. I have been following but not speaking for awhile. Blog peeper. But this mornings picture and thoughts were an opportunity to tell you how very much I enjoy your blog.
    This picture is gorgeous and your thoughts are so warm and tender. Thanks for a very special greeting this morning. Linda in New Mexico


    I love, love, love this Winter scene and I love, love, love, sharing it with you. I am huddled up next to you, wrapped in my coat, scarf, mittens and boots. We can see our breath as we giggle and shush one another hoping to have a deer happen by.........I am careful as I walk with my cane for balance, you go on ahead to make sure it is not too icy for me.....we get in stride and sing............
    Love you girl "hey

  5. cinner, what a beautiful photo and your thoughts to go with are this post my friend....:-) Hugs

  6. That is beautiful..which I could see it in person!

  7. That really is unbelievably beautiful.

  8. Unknown Mami, it is beautiful, has some amazing pictures that make me think I am back where I grew up. You almost have to get out of the city to see this now. take care, hope you are well.

    Tattytiara, fantastical....the word as great as you.

    Penni, A fairyland, I love fairies so much, but yes it could be, picture perfect.

    Gayle, me too, check out Hope you are well. take care.

    Bernie, thanks, I think I need a trip outside of the city. Bigg hugs.

    Gail, it would be awesome, I would have my cane too, but I of course would be making sure you would be safe. I got your email last night, my prayers are with you. hopefully she will be better and we can sing soon. love you

    Hi Linda, I am always so glad when I have someone new here. I am glad I made your morning with this picture. Thanks for the positive feedback. I started this blog on a lark, and it has grown into something I love. Take care for now. It must be so nice and warm where you are.!

    Cambridge Lady, how are you. Coming to visit soon, this picture is from and it is a place called Jedburg...not sure where it even is...but it could be here, just the perfect winter scene.

    Anne, I wish you would.Do you like Baileys...maybe it would warm us up. take care my friend. glad to hear you got your driving job again. take care, have a great day.

  9. Beautiful photo! I love when the snow sticks in the trees like that.

  10. Ahhhhh, O'm finding my zen just looking at that gorgeous photo and thinking of hot chocolate and muffins :-)

    Thanks Cinner. you made my day.


  11. I'm headed your way. What flavor muffins are we having?


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