Monday, February 8, 2010


want to stand at the waters edge,
or stand upon the pier,
I want to scream as loud as I can
and try to diminish any fears!
Maybe a pirate ship will come
and steal them all away.
That would be kind 
and ease my mind.
No fears, no tears.
Just peace!


  1. Wow, Cinner -
    Looks like you could use some peace!
    And a much needed rest.
    This sounds like a good day for self-care!
    Your loving insight and gentle ways will no doubt
    help you along!
    I'll be thinking about you today - peace!

  2. Oh Cinner I do hope you find peace! No fears and defintely no tears! I do love your lighthouse picture! ((hugs))

  3. Cinner: I had a counselor tell me that my fear was anger. And that the only way to have peace was to let it go. She then taught me to beat the @#^^% out of a pillow at real times of frustration. Give it go. Don't keep it inside. I am wearing a 100lb set of armor of protection because of my anger and try hard to beat the @#^^% out of something else besides myself. New friend hugs, Linda

  4. Oh hon...I wanna scream with ya some days..I so wish this with and for you!! I am thinkin' you need to do just that - go and have a good scream. I think I tend to do the "have a good cry". Sending gentle hugs to you hon...
    Oh and a WIP is a work in progress. That piece is about half done. Glad ya liked it..guess I am feeling frisky ROFLMAO!
    Hugs hon, Sarah

  5. I understand your feelings. I truly wish you peace and joy. Thank you for always leaving such kind words for me over at my blog!

  6. Hi there girl-
    "hey", it is okay to have a 'down' or 'sad' or 'scared' day or two. Explore the feelings and understand their root causes. I am here girl. holding you close in my heart and spirit - believing that you will do what you must to work through this time so that once again you can romp and play and we can hold hands. Meanwhile see my extended hand to you, reaching out with love and strength.

    I love yo umy friend

  7. Cinner, I do hope you are having a good day, your poem is sad yet beautiful.....:-) Hugs

  8. Cinner, I am with you my dear friend. Some days are just too hard. Be kind to yourself, scream, cry whatever works, is ok to do. Big husgs and prayers for you.

  9. Thanks Kim, I had a long sleep today and felt better, I should never write when I am tired.
    have a great week,

    Bernie, I spent a bit of time outside, I think it was just a bit of the winter blues.

    Gail, thank you for that, I CAN see your hand, I grab on to it and give it a squeeze. I love you too. Your a darlin.

    Tabitha, oh thanks but you really have a wondeful blog. you always make me smile or think. that is good. Take care.

    Sarah, you made me laugh, I can't believe I did not know what a wip was, as soon as I read it I about died laughing, heres to more friskiness.I did have a good cry last night. This week would have been Dads 75 birthday, so it is the first one without him. Thanks for your wonderful comment. Hugs to you my friend.

    Linda, I had heard that before about the pillow, I know I tried it once but I thought I was Dad died suddenly unexpectedly last May and this week he would have turned 75....I think that is what is bothering me. I will try that, as to our armors....I would really like to get rid of it, all in time. glad I have crossed your path. I just wrote bath....rofl. Take care.

    Claire, thanks for stopping by and hopefully no more fears and I think all the tears are gone, boy did I sleep afterwords. Have you had any of your classes yet. I find that so know the picture of the lighthouse....makes me think of that song, Theres a light out in the harbor, and it is just peaceful. Thanks Claire for being such a wonderful lady.

    Anne, I cancelled any plans I had and stayed home and did exactly that, rested. I sent my husband out to have lunch with his Mom, and I DID sleep, still not enough, Tonight I woke up feeling better. Thanks Anne for being a great inspiration, and I can tell you really care. It means a lot.


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