Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feeling Better!

I took this photo about a year ago,
some of you maybe  have seen it before.
It was one of those ahha moments,
It is instinct to protect the young ,
there is so much beauty 
all around us.
I want to embrace it
and make sure 
that I really see it!
My day is planned out. breakfast consists of bran, milk, strawberries, slice of cheese.
lunch is lettuce leafs with chopped tomatoes,green pepper and salmon,
supper is one lean beef patty, with salad with salsa, and lots of water.
As soon as Hubby leaves for work,
tai chi, stair stepper and work for my back.
Hopefully it will be a day filled with energy,
one of happiness, great memories.
I wish for you a happy, joyous day.
I am going to embrace mine
and stay on track!


  1. Your menu looks great Cinner.
    I love the little birds.
    Hope your day is awesome!

  2. Awesome photo. :)
    The little creatures look pretty. :)
    Very well written. :)

  3. Simple beauty that's all around us - so important :o)

  4. HEY GIRL!!

    So glad to feel your 'better'. Enjoy your day and live fully.

    Love you

  5. Super strong attitude girl. Great menu for the day. Hang on.

  6. Hi Linda, thanks, I had a much better day and the sun came out which really makes a world of difference to me. Hope you had a great day.

    Gail, hope you had a great day too. how is Gracey Blue

    Cambridge Lady, there simply is, I just need to remind myself of that a little more.

    Chandrika, Thank you, I hope you had a good day. I have not been around to all the blogs for a while, but will come visit soon. Take care.

    Anne, thanks I am doing much better. Thanks, and the sun came out today. yeah. take care, hope you are well.

  7. I love your enthusiasm!! Your focused and that's always a good thing!

  8. I hope it turned out to be a wonderful day in which you embraced yourself.


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